Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - June 27, 2008

Different options for graduates

Here is the simple solution to the graduation problem. Graduating students would have three options. Get their diplomas as they leave school on the last day of the school year; mail the diploma to the students' last registered address; or e-mail the diploma to the student.

I like the third option. With all the home printers we have, just think how colorful they could make their own diplomas.

By the way, Charlie Fox is oh, so correct -- respect and discipline no longer exist in our society, and that, my friends, is a sad thing.

Henry Grantham

Rock Hill

An alternative to city-cart proposal

Regarding the editorial "Give carts a chance": It stated that "homeowners may also learn to enjoy a wheeled cart."

I am neither an opponent nor proponent of our esteemed city leaders' newest idea for spending my hard-earned money. But I had to comment on the statement referenced above. I already have a wheeled cart ... it's called a wheelbarrow. Even my 5-year-old grandson could point out the flaw in this selling point. Come on now, admit it, this article was written by someone who wouldn't know how to do yardwork if he had a copy of "Yardwork for Dummies" in his hand.

Buy a wheelbarrow, people. They come in several colors and sizes these days, and you don't have to deal with the city!

Donna McFadden-Trader

Rock Hill

Energy vital to national interest

I am confused about the lack of difference, hence an implied equivocation, between oil companies' access to federal lands versus state-owned offshore rights.

If you don't know the reasons behind the oil companies' decisions not to drill on federal land, perhaps you should ask them, but we both know that they won't drill unless it is worth it to them.

If environmental regulations are inadequate for offshore drilling, why is that not the subject of concern? If it is a reason they won't drill, why not work out some compromises?

To date, every alternative to oil energy except for nuclear is a canard. Subsidized alternatives actually cost us more.

Although politicians are afraid to admit it, energy is a vital national security interest, and we are justified to make war over it (start with ancient history and keep reading). Domestic access to resources mitigates that pressure.

The real problem, as I suspect you know, is a prohibition on access. It is dishonest to ignore the fact that the more expensive it is to access energy, the more it harms American citizens, including the poor.

But, hey, you are promoting regressive taxation on the poor who purchase cigarettes for the benefit of their health.


Dan Wilt

Rock Hill

Share stories about sports mentors

There are many people who touch our lives in positive ways. We carry this treasure into our adulthood, teaching our children and grandchildren. We would like to recognize Henry Schultz, Dave Elderman and Howard Shaw for the time, energy and commitment they provided to the children of York County for over 25 years teaching football and baseball.

We are nominating these gentlemen for the York County Sports Hall of Fame. If you would like to support our efforts or would like to share your story of how these individuals inspired your life, please stop by Chitwood Landscape Supply at 1540 Gordon Road (off S.C. 5) or contact Janice at (803) 818-5285 before July 25.

We appreciate your support.

Bill Chitwood

Rock Hill

Many thanks to good Samaritan

I want to thank the young man who found my purse in a shopping cart outside of Wal-Mart in York on Sunday and turned it in to customer service. I asked if they got your name, and they said no.

You have heartfelt thanks and gratitude forever. May your kindness, honesty and goodness be repaid throughout your life.

Jane Liberty

Rock Hill