Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 10, 2008

Offshore drilling is not the answer

Anyone who buys the Republican line that offshore drilling will lower the price of gas at the American pump hasn't thought the idea through We are in a global economy now.

Oil companies are global enterprises that owe no allegiance to America. Their only concern is their own bloated bottom line.

The oil they produce from our shores and from Alaska will go to the highest bidder. If China and India bid higher than America, our oil will go to them and our gas prices will only go up accordingly.

The only reason that John McCain, George Bush, and the rest of the greedy Republicans are in favor of exploiting American oil is because they are all in the pockets of the major oil companies.

They do not feel our pain, nor do they care if our pain gets worse as long as they get their kickbacks. If you support John McCain and his pathetic energy policy, you're being snookered. Wake up and pay attention!

Doug Deal


Keep opinion off the front page

Since when does one consider an "opinion" as front page news?

I am of course referring to the article entitled "President's judgment more important than experience, historians say" which appeared in the Sunday edition dated Aug. 3, 2008.

How, may I ask, does one develop his/her ability to be a good judge to things that matter. Let's give this some serious thought. I would dare say that experience is a major factor if not the primary ingredient. And how does one get experience you ask? Again, I would say that time and what one has done in that time period is of great significance. Anyone that cannot understand that John McCain's experience outweighs Obama, I dare say 10 to 1 at least. And that experience would make him a good judge of matters that would and will confront the president of these United States from the get-go.

And now that I have given you my opinion, in contrast to the above mentioned article, I would hope to also have this appear on the front page of The Herald.

Of course, I realize that will not happen and that begs the question: "Why did that Pro-Obama article receive the front-page coverage?" We all know the answer to that question don't we? The paper will not admit that their reporting is bias in favor of the Democrats.

I do so wish that you would place opinions on the editorial page and not treat it as news worthy of front-page coverage.

C. Joe Berger

Rock Hill

High-occupancy vehicle lanes don't work

In my opinion. No! Generally, High-occupany vehicle lanes do not relieve congestion. In fact they sometimes add to it. Furthermore, they do nothing for the environment, while leaving millions of solo motorists, who are not permitted to use them, fuming. The first obvious limitation is that HOV lanes are only workable where car-pooling, the social behavior HOV lanes are supposed to encourage, is economical. My observations lead me to believe this is not the case commuting between Rock Hill and Charlotte. Of course, we can't ignore quality-of-life considerations. Who wants to wait for a ride? Nor is car-pooling appealing when you want to go shopping during your lunch hour, hit the ATM, pick up the kids or stop for coffee. A lame case might be made if there were express bus transportation both ways during rush hour and buses could use the diamond lanes but there isn't. Any money available would be better spent adding additional lanes to Interstate 77 or, even better, how about a joint effort that would expand the current light-rail system into South Carolina.

Ron Gensemer

Rock Hill

Manchester Village doesn't need makeover

My name is Tyler J. Garnett, and I am writing to you because I am trying to complete the Communication Merit Badge for my Eagle Scout rank.

I belong to the Boy Scout troop No. 376 in York County. One of the requirements is that I have to write to someone in the news about a certain topic.

The topic that I chose is the $6 million makeover at Manchester Village. I think the money could be used in a different way than statues to line the roads. I also don't think it's a good idea to put trees and other scrubs in there because we are in the middle of a drought, and to water a bunch of plants takes water we should not be using.

They want to make an upscale shopping destination; I don't think a lot of people in Rock Hill are upscale, so why do we need an upscale shopping center?

Where are they going to get the money from anyway, or do they already have the money or are they going to raise the taxes on the community of Rock Hill? If they do raise the taxes on the community, then most people in the community won't have money to go shopping anyway.

I think the they should put the money back into the community of Rock Hill, because when the price of heating goes up in the fall, people will struggle to pay their bills because of the increasing price of gas and food.

These are my reasons why they should just leave it the way that it is.

Tyler J. Garnett

Rock Hill

Flag's true meaning has been desecrated

I agree with Carl W. Ruders letter of July30 where he states that "organizations or individuals with dubious agendas" have no right to assign meaning to the Confederate (not Rebel) flag.

The true meaning of the flag has been desecrated by hate groups such as the KKK. As for the NAACP, they will not be satisfied until every emblem associated with Southern history is totally eradicated. They are the ones who should move on.

Pamela Slaughter