Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - August 14, 2008

Sign her up for new party

In response to Baxter Tisdale's comments in the Voice of the people: Amen and amen! When you establish your Tisdaleian party, I'm in.

Catherine Pursley


Eight years are enough

I write this in response to Baxter Tisdale's off-base, rude, right-wing attack on the good ol' citizens of the United States of America. Mr. Tisdale sounds more like Adolf Hitler than a citizen of the USA. I only have a couple of questions for this "know it all" writer.

On abortion, if a lady is raped, shouldn't she have a choice? If a lady is sexually assaulted by a family member, shouldn't she have a choice?

The unemployment rate in South Carolina is 6.4 percent? This is mainly a result of a wonderful two-term president named Bush.

I barely muster enough peace of mind to sleep every night, knowing that I didn't vote for Bush in either election! Wake up, Mr. Tisdale, this is America. It's a darn good thing we have fair-minded individuals who will, hopefully, outnumber right-wingers like you in November! I don't think America can endure another four years like the last eight.

Neil Couch


Low-carb diet here to stay

Regarding the "Battle of the diets" editorial, I'd like to put in my two-cents. I'm an avid follower of a low-carb lifestyle and have been since 1999. At that time, my weight was nearly 230 pounds, and I dropped weight quickly on the diet. I now weigh 175, have no heart disease, am not diabetic, take no prescription meds and feel terrific. At 78 years old, I often bicycle 20 miles and take a brisk 2-mile walk every day (to purchase The Herald).

I'm convinced that because we have had carbs available to us for only 10,000 years (since the introduction of agriculture) that our bodies have not evolved to handle them properly. It's like trying to get cows or rabbits to eat meat.

Unlike your conclusion, I feel that this diet is sound and here to stay.

Donald Ewart

Fort Mill