Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 3, 2008

The problems with teen pregnancy

Top ten things I wish someone had told me when I was 16.

1. The biggest single predictor of poverty for adult women is teen pregnancy.

2. No matter how accepting and approving the boy's parents may seem, they can turn on a dime if you become pregnant.

3. If one or both (parents) are under the age of 20, the marriage has about a 5 percent chance of succeeding.

4. It is entirely possible for a young man to enter into a marriage, make no commitment at all -- while at the same time accepting the advantages of the marriage to him -- and when he makes his exit, to completely rewrite his personal history.

5. If you marry a young man under the age of 23 and the marriage ends, all you will hear is, "Well, he never had a chance to sow his wild oats," or "He just wasn't ready for the responsibility." However, no one gives you this same accordance. You have to stick with it, day in and day out, and if you utter a word of complaint, all you will hear is, "You made your bed -- now you can lie in it."

6. There can be real damage to children's self-esteem when their father doesn't reside in home, but it is inestimable if their father doesn't maintain a schedule of regular visitation. However, the courts cannot mandate visitation, only the payment of child support.

7. In most cases, the boy's family is not involved with the children's upbringing after the divorce. It all falls to the girl and her family.

8. If the children from the first marriage turn out well, the father and his second wife are glad to claim them. But if there are problems, they are her children.

9. The same can be said for the boy's family. If the children turn out well, even if there wasn't much involvement during their growing-up years, all of a sudden, they're happy to claim them as grandchildren, niece or nephew.

10. It can be very disheartening to find out that society expects that the children from a single-parent home will be behavior problems and not to receive much of any credit for their successes. This is unfair, but frequently, this is how it is.

Sarah D. Carlisle

Tega Cay

John McCain has changed his tune

Sarah Palin's daughter stood through that whole speech during the Republican convention holding that baby. Why? Because she was hiding her pregnancy. The very next day, it was in all over the news. Thursday night, after the news was out, the daughter was holding hands with the daddy who said on MySpace he did not want children.

McCain came through South Carolina campaigning in 2004 and was asked about that Confederate flag on top of the Capitol. He had no comments, but when he lost and got back to Washington, he said the flag should come down.

I agree with Gen. Wesley Clark that just because McCain was a POW does not make him material for president. He keeps talking about being a prisoner, tortured and in a prison cell for 6 years.

Well, I need to school the old dude. My ancestors were brought here against their will and imprisoned for hundreds of years of abuse, torture, beaten and God only knows what else went on doing slavery because some of it was so abusive, brutal and humiliating that they did not talk about it in history books.

Had that been Obama's daughter at 17 and pregnant, I guess he and his wife would still be explaining. Stop explaining, Obama. Bush has eight years of mess-ups and he ain't explaining nothing.

M.C. Hall

Rock Hill

Sending e-mail isn't controversial

This letter is in regards to the e-mail situation involving Fort Mill Mayor Danny Funderburk. He simply forwarded an e-mail to family and friends concerning political candidate Barack Obama. He never stated he believed or agreed with the content in the e-mail.

What is the big deal? We all forward political e-mail that is real, fictional, funny and sad. Why is it so wrong for him to forward this information? It was only the opinion on questionable facts of an investigative reporter? Would this have blown up to this magnitude if it were about Sen. McCain?

It just seems during voting season, people will try to stir up trouble and controversy to see how far it will go, and it is absolutely sickening! Mayor Funderburk has been a wonderful asset to the town of Fort Mill, and I put all my support behind him!

Courtney Newell

Fort Mill

Devote more space to national news

At this very important time, it does seem this newspaper could write more of the national news and maybe not so much about sports.

I know that in this area, sports is very important but so is the economy of the USA.

I don't even mind the two-section newspapers, but with all that is happening here and around the world, having one section just for sports is not important at this time.

We need to be able to see beyond the end of our nose.

Linda Thomas