Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 15, 2008

Williams would bring change to council

Chad Williams has the right ideas and the right stuff to serve on the York County Council.

I have known Chad all his life, watched him grow up in Rock Hill, where he has been active in numerous community efforts, including serving on the Planning Commission for the last 10 years. What sets Chad apart from many others are his total honesty and integrity. If Chad says he will help find a solution to the county's debt in the "Pennies for Progress," he will be up front, working with others to find a solution.

If Chad says he's concerned about our water resources, about efficient government, about transparency in handling our money, he will absolutely do his best to get these tasks done. Current council members may appear to have smoothed over their differences, but those of us who follow local government know this is a temporary truce, just so much lip service to harmony. The council needs someone of Chad Williams' ability to listen to citizens, to listen to other council members and to bring about change. Now is the time to come to the aid of your County Council. You can support change by voting for Chad Williams.

Earl J. Wilcox

Rock Hill

Gast has medical and investigative skills

In response to Mr. Baity's stating that the coroner's investigative skills are more important than medical, I believe both are equally important.

Sabrina Gast has worked with the Rock Hill Police Department. She also has cleaned up the mess the coroner's office was in while being the interim coroner. She also has brought back the dignity that office must have.

Having a medical background is essential for being the coroner to help with the duties that an individual must do. A coroner has a lot more to do then to say whether or not an individual is dead or not. Just because someone has investigative skills doesn't qualify them to be coroner.

Once again, I am not saying Mr. Skidmore isn't qualified. Wouldn't you, as a citizen, want someone who is qualified and has an education in the medical field to investigate why a loved one lost his or her life?

Kevin Porter

Rock Hill

Lee knows how to get results

Several years ago, my neighbors and I faced a problem we didn't think could get fixed. An apartment complex next to our condominiums had been allowed to fall into such disrepair that it was, for all practical purposes, abandoned. Nothing was getting done until we got our county councilman, Rick Lee, involved.

If you don't know Rick, he likes to tackle problems and get results. He was able to get the county involved and apply some pressure to get things solved. It could have gone the other way, with the apartments going to ruin and being torn down. Instead, the property changed hands, the new owners invested in a total makeover, and all the residents and businesses in the area have benefited. That's what we need on County Council -- people who know how to get results.

Joe Berger

Rock Hill

Rogers reaches out to voters

On any given day, you can find state House candidate Marvin Rogers at a business on Saluda Street, at a home in the Blackmon Road community or hanging out with the firemen at the Bethesda Fire Department. As a candidate, Marvin has his boots on the ground.

Marvin has gone door-to-door in my neighborhood. He is a leader you can reach out and touch. I have never seen his opponent, John King, in the community outside of election season. I have nothing personal against King. I simply believe that Rogers is the better candidate because his service to the community has given him a stronger connection to District 49. A leader has to be connected to those whom they seek to lead. Rogers is connected. King is not.

Sam Vetter

Rock Hill