Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 17, 2008

Obama got help on his house, too

This letter is in response to the article concerning Sarah Palin's family getting special treatment in Alaska on property easements. How pitiful that you wasted eight spaces on two pages. When Barack Hussein Obama received special treatment on his house and land from the mob in Chicago, how many lines did you use to tell about it?

Obama is only a community activist and not Jesus Christ. He has no credentials, no experience and nothing else to qualify him to be the president of the United States. I agree with him that you can put lipstick on a pig, but it is still a pig.

Mike Winders


Story on religion page unfair to Palin

What a cheap political trick The Herald and the liberal Associated Press pulled recently on the religion page: "Palin's candidacy a challenge to Southern Baptist view of women."

Why do you have to say Palin? Why not members of Congress who are women?

Why not the chair of the House from California or some of the many liberal women who serve in Congress? Why? Because they are Democrats and not Republicans. Also, because Palin is running against the Democratic ticket for vice president. It is an insult to many Christians for The Herald to play politics on the religion page. No wonder The Herald has gotten smaller and smaller.

Palin has her place in history and neither the writer from the A.P. nor The Herald is going to change that!

Robert K. Gay

Rock Hill

Campaign signs are misleading

It's election time again and already there are signs of dishonesty and attempts to confuse the electorate. I am speaking directly to the members of the so-called, "Citizens and Business For York County" group that is currently placing "Vote Yes" signs along our streets.

Vote Yes for what? It is an indication that they don't trust us that they neglect to say for what.

Their sign should say, "Vote yes for Sunday Alcohol Sales in York County," then we could all make up our minds (honestly) of the merits of their cause. They apparently feel a sneak attack is more appropriate.Their attempt to communicate their message to only an "inside group" or "those in the know" (read: on their side) is a clear indication of their dishonesty.

I will personally vote "no" because I feel the current laws restricting alcohol sales on Sunday (in bars and restaurants) is the correct one to keep drunk drivers off our streets. I will also vote "no" because even from the start, the methods employed by this group are unethical.

William G. Carter


Model Ts were boon to farmers

I enjoyed The Herald's news on the anniversary of the T Model Ford. I was raised on a farm, and my father and I did needed repairs on the family T model back in the 1920s. The T Model was a great help for farmers and the general public at a fair price.

Roland T. Harper Sr.

Rock Hill

Don't use roads as dumping area

This letter is for all the people who use (but do not live on) Fleetwood, Pamela, Inman Farm, and the other adjoining roads nearby: Stop using our roads as a cut through, to park, do drugs, dump your trash and, especially, dump your unwanted pets. If you choose to fight dogs that is your prerogative, but do not leave it to us to deal with the chewed up dogs that have lost your fights.

There are numbers of children and family pets in this area, and these dumped fighting dogs are a dangerous hazard. If you can drive them to this area to dump them, you can drive them to animal control. Same for momma dogs and their puppies. You do not have to say they are your dogs, just say someone dumped them off at your home -- like we have to do constantly.

And for the ones dumping their trash along these roads, most of you have a name or personal information you leave with your trash. Don't think that you cannot be fined and made to come back and clean the trash up. If I find your trash in my yard or near my home with a name or address on it, don't worry about a fine. I will personally Mapquest your address and kindly dump your trash back in your own yard, totally free of charge.

Tamarra Lowery


Skidmore has investigative skills

As we all know, the year 2008 has turned out to be a very important year for our county, state and country.

In York County, we have a very important decision to make about who will be the next coroner. As a Fort Mill resident, I see the influx and growth we receive from the Charlotte metropolitan area and our need for experienced, knowledgeable, unselfish leaders.

In my opinion, Pete Skidmore is the best qualified for the job.

Skidmore is not just a private investigator, but also is considered one of the most talented and accomplished in his field.

Because the coroner's office is a part of the criminal justice system, it is important that the coroner have investigative experience. Skidmore has 15 years of experience as a private investigator working on death penalty, suicide, accidental and wrongful death cases. A certified doctor, not the coroner, must examine homicides and other suspicious deaths. The coroner's job is to determine whether a crime was committed. Although Skidmore does have medical (EMT) training, this is not nearly as important as his background as an investigator. He is the only candidate with investigative experience.

Skidmore's investigation skills and expertise have had proven results, as a number of cases have been resolved thanks to his investigations. One high-profile case resulted in a wrongly-convicted inmate's case being overturned.

Simply put, Pete Skidmore is the best candidate for the job. I hope you will examine his qualifications for this important positions at peteskidmore.com.

Pansy King Reid

Fort Mill

Don't take away pet owners' rights

I am a responsible dog owner. I do use tethering and kennels as a responsible way of containing my dogs on my property. Some dogs are just unhappy in the kennel, as some are unhappy on a tether. But using tethering does not make me an animal abuser! It makes me responsible for my dogs actions.

My dogs receive lots of love, food, water, shelter and shade while on these tethering devices. I understand that not all owners are as responsible as some, and abuse animals. If someone is going to abuse an animal, why does it have to be a chained dog? This make no sense to me. Dogs can be abused in any environment. Is it going to be any better for the animals if this county ordinance is passed? The ones that are abused now are probably going to end up at the shelter, killed or running loose.

A dog running loose is more danger than a dog tethered, by far. A dog on the loose will come in contact with more people and have a greater chance of doing harm than my tethered dog. If animals are being abused, the state laws should be enforced to handle these criminals.

My rights as a dog owner are slowly being stripped away. If we don't stand up for your rights, we will not have any.

I hope the people in the county understand the alternative motives of these animal rights groups. It is not to unchain the dog; it is to remove any animals from ownership!

When we start taking away rights of animal lovers, your love of choice may be next.

Rita Evans


Would Obama veto earmarks?

After watching the second presidential debate when Obama said that last year only $18 billion was given by earmarks, as if this was only chump change, if Obama is elected president how many earmarks do you think he will veto? Since Acorn is working so hard to get him elected, you know they will receive millions the first year the Democrats are in the majority in the House, Senate and the White House. Obama has sponsored almost $800,000 in earmarks in his two years in Washington.

Jim Floyd

Rock Hill

King is devoted to peoples' interests

On Nov. 4, vote for John King for State House District 49.

It was instilled in John to set goals and do the best he could. John's parents were great examples. His mother, Margie, was an educator for 30 years, and his father owned his own business-- King's Funeral Home -- and later became mayor of Chester.

The King name has been around a long time. The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight but no vision. John is a man of tested ability, sound judgment and keen perception. He is possessed of fine character.

He is a sincere friend, a devoted worker and, no, not a born leader but a true, developed leader. John is ready to listen, assist and lead in the direction of what is best for the people.

John works for York Technical College as an instructor for the Work Force Development Program. He stands firm on education, economic development, affordable health care and the elimination of payday lending that robs poor people. John has a vision.

Mary J. Edwards

Rock Hill