Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - October 27, 2008

Pastor vouches for Norrell

In my more than three decades of music and senior adult ministry at Lancaster First Baptist, I have avoided getting entangled in politics, but I am writing to you today to encourage you to support Mandy Powers Norrell for the South Carolina Senate.

This is not a casual endorsement. I have known Mandy and her family since Mandy was a little girl. I was there when Mandy was baptized at Lancaster First Baptist Church in 1981, and since then, I have watched her grow as a Christian woman. I followed her progress at Furman University and USC Law School, and I officiated at her wedding to Mitch Norrell in 1995.

I visited with the Norrells at Springs Memorial Hospital within hours of the births of both of their children, Teddy and Emma, and I have witnessed their love and nurturing parental spirit as they faithfully attend church with them.

I can testify that she is one of the least judgmental people that I have ever known. Mandy is grounded, and balances her career with her duties as a wife and mother, making her a true Proverbs 31 woman. She serves her church, but also makes time to support local charities like HOPE, the American Cancer Society and the Pregnancy Care Center, where she gives of her time and money. For those who do not know what the Pregnancy Care Center is, it is a ministry supported by multiple churches that works to prevent and end abortion in a Christ-like, non- judgmental way.

Before Mandy announced (she was running) for state Senate, her mother asked her why she wanted to get involved in such a "dirty business." Mandy responded, "Because we can't leave politics to dirty people." You may have only watched Mandy for the past 30 days, but I have watched her for the past 30 years. I wanted you to know what kind of woman Mandy Powers Norrell is, so that you will be armed with the truth that Mandy is a true Christian woman deserving of your support on Nov. 4.

Rev. Roy Barnes


Obama image is manufactured

Columnist Thomas Sowell recently wrote, "Barack Obama is running on an image that is directly the opposite of what he has been doing for two decades. His escapes from his past have been as remarkable as the great escapes of Houdini."

John McCain has alluded to this when he tells us that Obama ran for the Senate on a platform of tax reduction but in his brief time in the Senate, has not introduced one piece of legislation that would create tax reductions. To say that Obama is running on a platform of change and then realize that he was in complete support of the same old corrupt way in Illinois defies my ability to reason.

I listen to Obama and I think with all my heart, "I wish this man were true. I just wish he would keep these promises he is making." But judging from his friends, he is presenting a personality based on a myth.

I really feel that it is time that the United States had an African-American president. But Obama tells me, "It is not Barack Obama."

Andy Lawson

Fort Mill

Dog, Mojo, makes his endorsements

Over the last month, Mojo, has again proven to be a loyal friend. He has put up with a lot. He has taken an expansion of our family in stride. Earlier, Mojo accepted two cats. Now, he has welcomed our first grandchild, Ella. (Rep. Spratt is right -- being a grandparent is the only thing that is not overrated.)

Mojo has also put up with my election fixation. He has patiently sat beside me while I've listened to countless talking heads. He has waited up to greet me after I've come home from one more campaign event. He has endured watching me talk on the phone when I could have been taking him for a walk.

So, it was a surprise when Mojo came to me and thanked me for the election experience. He also said that he had made up his mind about his vote. (I've made a ballot for him so that he can put his paw print on it.)

He is voting for Obama because he believes that Obama will help us get back to being a nation where we help one another.

Congress is a no brainer for Mojo. He told me that John Spratt is the most intelligent human he has ever met. We need John in Congress.

Countywide, Mojo put his nose to work. Mojo is a great investigator. He sniffs out the truth. The truth is that we need Pete Skidmore as our coroner. Pete is himself an investigator with over 15 years of experience in determining cause of death. In our state, the coroner's office is not a medical office.

Phil Jamieson is Mojo's choice for solicitor. Phil is a former police officer. Mojo has discovered in his investigation that currently, the sheriff, solicitor, coroner and clerk of court are all Republicans. Mojo points out that York County would be a more healthy place if there was a system of checks and balances in place, if some of those four were Democrats.

Mojo is supporting Herb Crump, John King, Dennis Moss, Herb Kirsh and Fred Thomas for the state house, and Creighton Coleman and Mandy Powers Norrell for the state Senate because of public education.

Finally, Mojo shared that the county council needs Marion Davenport, Chad Williams, Eddie Lee and Roy Blake because they listen and don't bark all the time. In order to function, the council has got to get along, and you get along by listening as much or more than barking.

Once again, I'm in debt to my friend Mojo for his wise analysis.

Jim Watkins


York County Democratic Party

Look at background of both candidates

In the presidential race, one candidate is old -- 73, to be exact -- however not old by my standards. I think the other is 47. One is in excellent health and plays basketball very well. The older cannot lift his arms because of the many years he spent in a prisoner of war camp after being captured and tortured while serving his country during wartime.

The younger candidate was a community organizer in Chicago, where he helped poor people register to vote. He received his education mainly through public support, scholarships and help from his grandparents. The older guy came from a military family and received his education from the Naval Academy.

It is said that the younger candidate started his political career in the kitchen of a well-known terrorist of the time who wanted to bomb places in our country. The older guy started his political career in the prisoner of war camp when he realized how much he loved his country.

The older guy gave 22 years to a military career, being injured in a plane crash, being injured in a ship fire where many were killed, and almost being killed himself. The older guy is definitely a hero. He chose to stay in the prisoner of war camp while others who were there longer could be released. He has given his entire life to the cause of the American people.

Someone please tell me what this younger candidate has given? It seems that the younger candidate has given nothing and bases his campaign on us having hope in what he and other Democratic parasites that serve in Congress will do.

To me, there is no comparison between Barrack Obama and John McCain. One is pro-choice, and the other is pro-life. One has given his health, life and love to this country, and the other has only taken what he could get free. One has always had a job in the military, and the other has never had a job that produced anything.

I urge all voters to think this through and then vote your conscience.

Harmon Merritt


What does 'spreading the wealth' mean?

Instead of being charmed by this sentiment, we should ask ourselves what Sen. Barack Obama means when he says he wants to "spread the wealth."

First of all, there is no such thing "the wealth." Any wealth was created by somebody -- and all wealth rightfully belongs to the somebody who created or traded for it.

Second, "spreading the wealth" means the government is forcefully taking some of what you earn and giving it to somebody else. For the recipients of this stolen wealth, "spreading the wealth" means stealing from your neighbor. Whether you rob your neighbor directly, or you depend on a hired burglar or the government to do it for you, you are stealing the fruits of your fellow human beings' labor.

When you vote for the government to take away some people's wealth to redistribute to other chosen people, you are voting for institutionalized robbery -- that is, robbery that is legitimized and executed by our government,

Those who want something for nothing will vote for Obama. Those who believe in earning what they have by their own efforts will vote for John McCain. If ever we allow the population of those who want something for nothing to outstrip the population of those who believe in earning what they get, we will witness the moral decay of America.

Terry Taylor