Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 1, 2008

Prosecutor gained good reputation

Seventeen years ago, I met a young drug prosecutor. He came by my office at the Rock Hill Police Department and introduced himself. At the time, I was a lieutenant over the narcotics division. This young prosecutor was different from the other drug prosecutors. Not only was he more intelligent, he also had a wealth of knowledge about worldly matters, which assisted him in rolling right through drug cases with ease.

The backlog had pretty much brought the court system to a halt; however, the drug cases were starting to move. This prosecutor soon moved his talent on to violent crimes and developed a new program to track and move all cases, which was only one of the reasons that he was selected prosecutor of the year in South Carolina. The 16th Circuit Solicitor's Office has been first in the state for several years running in moving cases. This means more time for serious criminals.

In my position as the commander of the drug unit, I have had an opportunity to meet with other prosecutors and law enforcement professionals throughout the state, and this prosecutor's reputation of excellence precedes him. I know that I have not seen a better legal mind, but more importantly, this prosecutor has always treated everyone fairly, equally and with the utmost respect. Please accept this as a whole-hearted endorsement to keep Kevin Brackett where he belongs as solicitor.

Marvin Brown


How about the late voters?

So the presidential election is already over? Well, what about me, the undecided voter? Now what am I supposed to do if someone or something or some opinion poll has already made the decision as to who is going to be the next president, before the final votes are even taken or tabulated?

What's point of patiently standing in line and doing my civic duty? What's the point of the registered voters on the West Coast even going to their respective voting precincts and standing in line for hours, when several of the East Coast major news organizations usually make and adamantly state on the air to the world their early outcome predictions anyway, long before voting precincts anywhere and everywhere are scheduled to close?

So, what about me, the undecided voter? Are there many of us? Are we perhaps a "silent majority"? I am willing to bet that somebody somewhere out there has an unscientific opinion poll to measure just that!

What concerns me the most about this upcoming election is the absence of NBC election-night fixture, news analyst Tim Russert!

Scott L. Coleman


Tending to the special interests

Gary Williams' recent endorsement of Councilman Rick Lee is blatant special interest politics at its best. If I received tax benefits because of a politician, I would endorse him, too.

The vision for downtown Rock Hill has been in the works since 1968. It began as an urban renewal project, and millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars have been spent over the years. Has anyone checked to see if our investment is paying off for all of us, not just one of us?

Regarding the backed-up rail cars in downtown: That was addressed years (and many dollars) ago with the bridge over Charlotte Avenue, rebuilding the bridge over Oakland Avenue and the trestle over Black Street. Anyone who can't get where he is going is making a conscious choice not to. Now, the proposal is to move the trains back to Bethel United Methodist and Northside Baptist Churches on Curtis Street. Never mind how all those people are affected.

Remember the second hospital fiasco? Lee, along with two other former council members, admitted to going to DHEC behind the County Council's back to endorse Piedmont. Was Lee looking out for the best interest of the county then? Or another special interest?

Vote out special interest politics. We can't afford it anymore. Vote Chad Williams, another Joe the Plumber.

Susan Champion

Rock Hill

Don't be blind to Obama's faults

I am upset at how blind some of our fellow Americans have become with the candidates for president. What do we know about Obama? Only what he wants us to know. He changes the subject when asked anything about his past, his spending, his "spread the wealth."

What about his relationship with Bill Ayers? You don't have meetings at someone's house and not know anything about them or what they are involved in. That doesn't sound like a person who should be running for president.

If you have a family member fighting for our country, wouldn't you feel safer having them under the leadership of a POW veteran who has fought so hard for the country he was willing to give his life for? John McCain knows what our troops face, what they need and how to care for the troops and their families' needs during war, and even emotionally what they will need when they come home.

Obama never fought for our country. Please think before you vote. Better yet, read or re-read Revelation in the Bible and pray; it may open your eyes.

Jenifer Sutherland


The evolution of a Republican

I grew up in a family that was Democratic in every branch of the family tree. Sundays meant early dinner ("supper" as it was called back then) at my grandparents' house where all that could make it were invited and encouraged to attend. It was a time to enjoy loved ones and catch up on all sorts of news in everyones' lives.

I found this the opportune time to make my announcement to each and all that I was a Republican! I was 6 years old, and our teacher had introduced us to the "Weekly Reader" (a 4-page publication that broke politics down to a level everyone could understand). You could have heard a pin drop! I thought I was going to be exiled to the back porch to eat with the dog from that point forward.

No man has ever been in business for himself who hasn't worked on weekends, holidays and times his family wished he were home with them. They understood that he had a commitment to workers and their families who were under his charge and that payroll had to be met at whatever was his personal costs -- no excuses.

This man, in most cases, was a Republican, and as close as I could determine (with the help of the "Weekly Reader"), the Democrats wanted to take part of what he earned and distribute it to those they wanted to control themselves.

It took me many years, but I'm proud to say that my entire family converted to the Republican Party. They came to recognize that without this man and his burning desire to succeed, there would be few jobs for those who were not satisfied to live on handouts from the federal government.

George Hice

Tega Cay

Obama isn't champion of middle class

Shocker! Mojo and Jim Watkins are endorsing Democrats. Wow, never could have seen that one coming. And while I don't have as much energy about Spratt getting re-elected for the umpteenth time, I do think the top of the ticket would be devastating for our country.

Barack Obama has packaged himself as a centrist. Yeah, and Rush Limbaugh is a moderate! Obama is the most liberal senator in the Senate. Sure, I understand many people want to vote for him as an opposition vote to the Bush legacy. But if Obama were to get in, he would have the opportunity to appoint one to three Supreme Court justices. If you think Ginsberg and Souter are bad, wait until you see the liberal hacks he would appoint.

What no one has really pointed out is that the tax cuts that are set to expire in 2010 help us all, not just the rich. And when they let them expire, that is an automatic tax increase. Capital gains taxes, death taxes, marginal tax rates. All would be increased if the tax cuts expire.

I do not believe Obama is sincere in his championing the middle class, which I am a part of. I believe he is a champion of the poor, which is not bad in and of itself. But when you start talking about playing Robin Hood, then you show your true colors. The idea of "leveling the playing field" is socialist, if not communist.

Our Founding Fathers must be rolling in their graves.

Rob Simpson

Rock Hill

Media elite love Obama

As Democrats prepare for the coronation of "The One," I have a few points I would like to make about the upcoming election:

Barack Obama recently complained that if it were not for Fox News, he would be ahead of John McCain by an additional three points. But if it were not for the combined efforts of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times, the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, Time and Newsweek, Obama's candidacy would not even exist.

The reason the media elite are attacking "Joe the Plumber" is because he dared to do what they refuse to. He asked Obama a tough question.

If John McCain had a communist mentor, a racist pastor, was friends with an unrepentant terrorist and was supported by an organization attempting massive voter fraud, the media would have destroyed him by now.

Todd Pryor


We need a debt tax

May I submit one more time the need for a national debt tax in this nation? The government pays $1 billion a day in interest on over $9 trillion in debt. If they paid off half the debt, there would be half a billion dollars a day available for things like Social Security. I look forward to the day when government will implement this course of action.

Marty Boone

Fort Mill