Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 10, 2008

Voting procedure had some problems

I went to vote Tuesday morning, arriving before 7 a.m. at Ebinport School. I stood in line for more than an hour before reaching the registration desk because my name fell between A and M. If your name fell between N and Z, you walked in the door and went right to the registration desk.

I don't mind standing in line and waiting when that waiting is done fairly. After many complaints and being told over and over by the poll workers that there was nothing they could do and it wouldn't make any difference, they finally realized they could look up all names on the two computers they were using and merged the lines. But this did not happen until after a man in line behind me walked up to the desk and told the poll workers that he just wanted them to know that "this stinks." He was not ugly but told them that several times, then had to leave without voting because he couldn't wait any longer.

Faye Ballard

Rock Hill

Football coverage falls short

I just renewed my subscription to The Herald to be sorely disappointed once again with your very lame college football coverage. The Rock Hill area has citizens from all over the country. Your football coverage seems to do well covering pretty much every team except LSU.

Every week, I try to find mention of the top-20 team and their games, to no avail. While a special section covering teams outside the top-25 seems to have every game anywhere on the continent, LSU still receives no mention. Please consider covering the SEC well in future issues, considering it is a conference that is very important locally. And cover the top-25 all the time, regardless of where they are. This is what a sports page should do.

Larry Sims

Fort Mill

Let parents pay for kids' schooling

It's York County tax time again plus another rip off from the county and city. If we weren't charged for the school item our taxes would be $400 less. We're charged for school debt, none of which I have a child attending. Why should homes with no children have to carry the burden of families with children? And probably those children could care less abut education.

Why should we help an unknown person further their education. Other people's kids are not my responsibility nor other children's families. The school debts were not incurred by my husband or myself.

He works two jobs so we can survive, not so some kids can waste our money that will not benefit us in the future. We should not be taxed for other people's kids who don't even want to learn. But if they do, then the parents of the child should pay not me!

Sharon Vinson


Vote for Obama was big mistake

I would like to say that everyone who voted for Obama just royally screwed our country. Expect the United States to receive countless terrorist attacks over the next four years.

I still strongly support John McCain and Sarah Palin, who should have been elected president and vice president.

Obama is the worst possible choice for our country at a time like this. I just hope everyone who voted for Obama realized what they have done for our country.

Tracy Johnson


Is Obama a new Moses?

Now the president-elect of the United States of America, Barack Obama, is said to be America's key to success. Even John McCain himself believes that Obama is a key asset for the change that America needs. Through his plans, he gives people a newfound hope that was lost to them eight years ago.

Just as Moses was a biblical prophet chosen by God to lead his people from bondage and oppression, with a desire to do the right thing and seeking spiritual guidance in the midst of much opposition, Obama is striving to do the same. This campaign can be viewed similarly to the story of Pharaoh and Moses in the biblical battle of the Egyptians and the Israelites. That raises the question: Is Barack Obama capable of being America's modern day Moses?

Melisha Rice

Rock Hill