Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 11, 2008

Thanks to voters in District 1

I wanted to take a moment to thank all of my constituents in District 1 for their support. I am humbled and grateful to represent you for another two years. We worked very hard during this campaign and worked through adversity from all angles that would have made some people give up and quit, but not me. I follow the rule to never give up.

I was told by a supporter this week after our victory, "great leaders all have had great failures. This is what makes great leaders; they learn from their past mistakes and never repeat them again." He congratulated me, shook my hand and told me to "stand up tall."

District 1 has been gracious to me and my family, and for that we say "thank you." We will start this term just like we did the last one. We will continue to bring youth and energy to the County Council. We will work to continue the balance of residential and commercial growth, continue to create jobs by bringing in business and industry, have continued dialogue with the school district to ensure we are all on the same page with growth, and clean up exit 90 (Carowinds) with an overlay district for beautification projects and entrance into the county off Interstate 77 so you know you are in South Carolina, but more importantly, that you are in York County!

Again, we are humbled and grateful, and for that, I say thank you, thank you, thank you, District 1.

Paul Lindemann

District 1

York County Council

Election ends two conflicts

It seems to me that the results of the presidential election represent an important shift in the national psyche. Since it's not likely that another Vietnam vet will run for president, the defeat of John McCain means the end of the Vietnam War, whereas the victory of Barack Obama signifies the end of the Civil War.

Ivey Johnson

Rock Hill

Use ETV money to help schools

I heard through the state grapevine that ETV was closing all four of the regional stations. This is sad news for the employees, but it was not unexpected. For several years, ETV (with a grand total of $24 million a year) has turned against its mission statement of producing and providing a plethora of educational and community-based programming for a few, expensive, labor-intensive programs such as "Antique Road Show," a few political documentaries, one week out of the year highlighting one subject, and then there is ETV sports. What a dismal display of ESPN wannabes, and where is the education value in that?

Locally (for a yearly $1 million budget) we got to watch one program: "Piedmont Politics," which is all that is broadcast from the station located at York Technical College. One program. Not to worry if the station closes because PBS programming is broadcast from a tower located 10 miles south, just off the side of Interstate 77.

In conclusion, it is the right time for the state to divest itself of television production and save the $24 million to improve the state of South Carolina schools!

Charles Warren

Rock HIll

No successes for secretary of state

Condi Rice says no Middle-East peace agreement this year. What a surprise. I think Donald Trump said it best: She smiles, she waves, she waves, she smiles... and hasn't done a thing in eight years. She has been as ineffective as "Dubya" himself.

Merrel Wilkenfeld

Fort Mill