Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 19, 2008

JROTC cadets honored veterans

I am a senior at Lewisville High School in Chester County. I am also active in JROTC and hold the position of the public affairs officer.

On Nov. 11, the JROTC hosted a Veterans Day ceremony. The students worked hard to honor and thank everyone who served in all branches of military. The ceremony included a history of Veterans Day, along with a presentation of the cadets proudly wearing uniforms from each branch of military. The cadets read a brief history of each branch and carried the corresponding flag.

While we are thankful for all the support from the community in their attendance, our gratitude reaches out to those who have fought so hard to keep us free. The purpose of our ceremony is to represent our veterans and to stress how thankful we truly are.

The sacrifice made by our military throughout time is often forgotten. People do not take the time to appreciate the suffering and fatalities that have taken place for them to live their lives in the manner they do. After all, freedom doesn't come free. Observing Veterans Day is the least we can do to repay the men and women who have fought so hard to bring our country the protection and freedom that we enjoy daily.

We were pleased to have 20 cadets in attendance.

Alexandria Shea


More than one with same name

On Nov. 13, you printed a letter from a Joanne Thomas of Fort Mill regarding a picture of Barack Obama.

Several individuals have approached or called me about that letter. I did not write it. I do not agree with the contents. There is more than one Jo Ann Thomas in Fort Mill. Few notice the difference in spelling of our names. Since you do not publish either the street name or address of the writer, individuals confuse the actual writer.

Today you published a letter calling Joanne nasty, etc. That is the reaction for another's letter that I do not wish to be directed towards me.

Please identify the street name, or at least, every time you publish a letter from a Joanne, Jo Ann or Jo Anne Thomas, add a disclaimer that it is not the Jo Ann Thomas in Whiteville Park in Fort Mill.

Jo Ann Thomas

Fort Mill

Here's why better ordinance is needed

I have recently been reading a lot in the paper about chained dogs and the York County Council making stricter laws. Well, on Nov. 11, I really saw why they would be doing that.

While driving down Blackburn Street in York, I witnessed a horrible event that I will never forget. A woman was walking down the road and a dog broke off its chain and attacked her twice. Once in the left calf, and then, as she turned to get away, in the back of her leg. I quickly got her into the back of my car and saw three kids coming down the block. I yelled for them to get away.

The police came and had to draw their guns, but did not shoot, and the dog ran. A bit later, a man came walking down the road, and the dog started to go after him but stopped, as I think the man scared the dog off. The lady went to the hospital in an ambulance. The owner of the dog admitted he had no rabies shots for his three dogs that were chained in his yard, which would include the dog that bit the people.

Guess what? The man did not even get a ticket for that, and it is against the law. Why do we have all these laws if no one even gets a ticket for breaking them? No wonder so many people want the laws stricter and current laws enforced. I, for one, will never forget the horrible experience I had, and I will thank God every day that children were not walking by unprotected.

Tammy Ramsey


Help really is on the way

In response to the letter, "Vote for Obama was a big mistake": I, along with millions and millions of others who also voted for Barack Obama, felt he was the best choice and will change this country for the best.

As for the letter writer continuing to strongly support McCain/Palin, arguing among themselves while you enjoy some "help on the way" by the president-elect sounds like bad-mouthing to me. The letter writer should start cleaning it out on this end while Obama cleans up the mess on the other end.

Juvenia White

Fort Mill