Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 24, 2008

News reports full of pessimism

The following is a story that I heard some years back from an unknown author. It's a simple, yet profound story that reflects what we can convince ourselves of if we let the media and other people plant negative thoughts in our minds. It would be wrong to totally blame the current economic decline on the news media. Greed and government intrusion should share a portion the blame. However, for years this newspaper has followed the lead of other pessimistic media outlets to consistently ram negative articles about an upcoming recession down our throats to the point of reality. It's as if the news media finds satisfaction in this. Now you can gloat and say "I told you so."

Thanks so much for the warning. The general public is not being well served in this regard. Here is the story:

There once was a man who lived by the side of the road and sold hot dogs. He was hard of hearing and had trouble with his eyes so he didn't listen to the radio, watch television or read the newspaper. All he did was sell hot dogs -- good hot dogs at that. He had put up signs along the road advertising his hot dogs and as people walked by his hot dog stand he would yell out, "Buy a hot dog," and people bought his hot dogs.

His business was thriving. He bought a bigger stand and increased his meat and bun orders. As a result, he was able to put his son through college. His boy graduated from college and came home as an educated pessimist.

The man's son said, "Dad, haven't you been listening to the radio? Haven't you been watching the news? Haven't you been reading the newspaper? There's a recession on, Dad. The situation in Europe is terrible and the domestic situation is even worse."

The man gave a lot of thought to what his son said and reasoned to himself, "Well, my son is a college graduate and he listens to the radio, watches the TV and reads the newspapers. He ought to know what's going on."

So the man reduced his meat and bun orders, took down his signs along the road, and no longer bothered to stand out by the road and sell hot dogs. His sales fell overnight, to which he said to his son, "You were right, son, we certainly are in the middle of a big recession."

Bud Smith

Rock Hill

Young man will be missed

On Nov. 4, I lost a special young person in my life. His name was Demario Mcfadden, the son of Eddie and Gladys Mcfadden. He was an honorable, respectful, kind, loving, and quiet young man with a beautiful smile. Sometimes we are in the presence of a jewel, an angel, and we are unaware.

I do feel there was so much more to him to know that I missed. I was his tailor, so I knew how he wanted his pants, but there was so much more to him I missed and will miss. Thank you, Eddie and Gladys, for sharing your son with Rose of Sharon and with me. He knew how to give the best hugs.

Janie Minor

Rock Hill

Here's the reason we're in this mess

As world leaders scramble to fix the economy, it is sad to acknowledge just how we got ourselves in the mess to begin with.

The problem is greed!

From large corporations to small business and family members, we lie and cheat our fellow man. Now, since we are in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, world leaders are running amuck crying, "The sky is falling."

The bottom line is, man alone cannot fix these problems. Since America took God out of our schools and the church and replaced him with Satan, this is the end result.

Earl White

Rock Hill