Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 27, 2008

Thanks for voters' support

It has been a few days since the election, but it seems as if it has been a year. The Rock Hill school board has been very busy with a full agenda.

I would like to thank the Mildred B. Douglas Campaign Committee chairperson, committee members and the many volunteers for a job well done. Most importantly, thanks to the voters for going to the polls and casting your vote for me. I am deeply touched because of the confidence you have shown me with your vote.

The last eight years were very challenging. It appears that the next four years will present an even greater challenge. I promise you to keep the children in mind with every decision made because we are in the business of educating children.

I must thank my family for allowing me the freedom to serve. They have been so supportive of my efforts and service as a board member.

I look forward to the many challenges in providing the children of the Rock Hill school district with the highest quality educational experiences possible.

Mildred B. Douglas

Rock Hill

Public wasn't fully informed

The question of Sunday alcohol sales was settled on Nov. 4 with 58 percent of York County voters voting yes, and 42 percent voting no.

I voted no and painted signs placed on roads throughout York County, stating, "Keep DUI's off our streets, vote no to liquor by the drink on Sundays."

I am writing to question the methods used by the pro-liquor crowd in getting their measure passed.

Their campaign literature mentioned liquor sales in restaurants only, never once mentioning that liquor in bars, where most people drink to excess, would also be eligible to sell alcohol. On Nov. 2, The Herald endorsed the "yes" vote, with an endorsement on the editorial page. Once again, only liquor sales in restaurants were mentioned. This greatly advanced the "yes" crowd because York County voters were not informed of the ramifications of the "yes" position.

The York County Baptist Association passed a resolution opposing Sunday liquor sales on Oct. 30, only five days before election day. This was never published in area newspapers. Despite a few churches circulating copies to their members on Sunday Nov. 2, 95 percent of voters never saw it.

It was too little, too late from the York Baptist Association as the pro-liquor sales faction won by 20,000 votes. However, an 8 percent shift in total votes cast might have defeated the issue, and the idea that it was destined to pass is false. The proliferation of establishments selling alcohol could result in strip clubs being established in York County. Then, our area gang members will find new homes, and we'll be just like Charlotte.

Some may benefit from this financially, but the blood of dead innocents who'll be killed by DUIs on many future Sunday nights will be on their hands.

William G. Carter


Intelligent leader is much needed

This letter is in response to Tracy Johnson's recent letter, 'Vote for Obama was big mistake." I highly respect a person's right to free speech, but ignorance such as this is why we definitely need President-elect Barack Obama, an intelligent man with integrity, as our leader.

Tracy Johnson and Sarah Palin, her ex-candidate, share similarities. She had no idea what the vice presidential duties were, yet Ms. Johnson wanted her as vice president. Neither of them seem to realize that the election is over. McCain and Palin lost! Maybe she can e-mail Sarah Palin and let her know this. Palin won't accept it, and she won't shut up!

By the way, ignorance means a lack of knowledge or facts. Please let her know that also!

Rosa Beckham Wilson

Rock Hill

Obama was a good choice

The vote for Obama was the very best choice. God sent his servant, which is not a mistake, but a blessing. If McCain and Palin had won, I would feel so sorry for the United States.

God's servant will be a blessing for our country as long as God is in the front and leading the way. He can handle the United States. Obama is OK. With McCain and Palin, we would have been doomed.

Obama will be who God wants him to be.

Pinkey E. Thompson