Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - November 28, 2008

Only one way to go

After eight years of Bush and the Republicans (and 30 years of Reaganomics), Obama and the Democrats have only one direction to go with the country, and that's up.

Jerry Walden

Rock Hill

City should listen to its residents

I guess that the city of Rock Hill doesn't believe the citizens who live within the city limits. They had to pay $80,000 to be told that the police force is short of officers. Hello! Crime is rampant in the city. Guns are being fired by children at children. Obscenities are heard in the streets, and try asking them to please watch their language. It's the same as slapping their faces. It just gets worse. If you call the police, they are gone by the time the police get there.

The citizens of the city of Rock Hill have all experienced drug activity, violence, threats and damage to their property. Maybe now we can clean the streets up and be comfortable again.

The $80,000 would almost have paid the salary for three more police officers. They do work hard and must be very discouraged when issuing more citations is more important than making our city safe.

Cindy Day

Rock Hill

Recent election was inspiring

Mojo loves the holiday season. Starting at Thanksgiving, he plays the soundtrack of "A Charlie Brown Christmas" over and over on his iPod. As you know, Snoopy has a prominent role in that production. Snoopy has been an important role model for Mojo.

This holiday season, we are still getting gifts from all the role models who were active during this past election season.

Thank you to all the candidates and volunteers who gave a significant part of their lives to bring energy and new life to an election process all too often strangled by cynicism. It is impossible to list you all. You know who you are.

Let's not squander our new beginning. Let's follow the example of our new president and continue to pull together as a country and not let stereotypes divide us. We are not liberals or conservatives or moderates. We are all Americans who love our country. No political party owns patriotism, respect for family values, a concern for effective government, a fair tax policy and an economy that works. If we are to make progress in meeting the great challenges ahead, we will need to pull together as we did during the Depression and World War II.

During the election, I got to know college students who scheduled classes around calling and canvassing; young adults who took leave from well-paying jobs to register voters and get them to the polls; young parents who walked neighborhoods on behalf of candidates as a family outing, and the young at heart who found hope for the future as they handed the election baton to those the age of their grandchildren. I believe with all my heart that we are seeing the awakening of the next Great Generation, and for that I am extremely grateful this holiday season.

The Rev. Jim Watkins


York County Democratic Party

and Mojo

Rock Hill

Obama's election is very exciting

I'm writing in response to the statement by Joanne Thomas of Fort Mill. I along with others, consider this person -- not a lady -- to be very low class.

President-elect Barack Obama is a very smart and intelligent young man.

I'm so excited that God is in the midst of all the prayers that were sent out for Obama! If it was not meant for him to have won, it never would've happened. So sit down, relax, and ride this plane, because Obama will be your president for the next four years -- hopefully, eight years.

Pasty Caldwell White

Rock Hill