Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 5, 2008

Snakes can be our friends

I live in Columbia and subscribe to The State newspaper, but an article from The Herald appeared in our paper last week. The article was about the family who found a snake in their clothes dryer. I was disappointed at the irresponsible reporting that cast a humorous tone on this entire incident.

The man says that he thinks the snake in his dryer could have been someone's pet python or boa constrictor. This is an example of someone else's irresponsible pet ownership for allowing this snake to escape. Or, who knows? Maybe the owner made an honest mistake and was searching for the snake right about the time that his neighbor was killing it, as was so comically described in the article.

Then the article states that the man "has had to kill a few black snakes." C'mon folks, if you live in an area where you see snakes, take the initiative to educate yourself. Black snakes are some of the best snakes to have around your house!

Again, I read this article when it appeared in The State newspaper. Perhaps it was accompanied by a more responsibly written informational article from a snake expert informing readers about dealing with snakes when you discover them around your house. If an article like this did not appear, please, someone from the Department of Natural Resources or a responsible Herald reporter, compose one before the ecological system gets more out of whack.

Kim Tiedemann


Moose Lodge needs your help

We're running short on time. We here at the Fort Mill Moose Lodge are asking for your generous donations for the holidays. We are a non-profit family organization that has been a part of the Fort Mill community for 42 years, helping out the children and the elderly as we always have.

This year, we know that the economy has gotten tight, and it reflects on our annual campaign to help those needy families. We want to make sure that every needy family that has contacted us has a happy holiday by supplying as many Christmas Dinner Baskets and toys as we can.

Donations of gift certificates, toys for the children, canned goods or any non-perishable food items can make it possible. We get the names of our needy families from the local school district, care center and area churches.

Last year, we delivered to 30 families. It was such a blessing to be a part of this. We have 33 families this year, and the economy has caused us to fall short of being able to make this happen this year. We do not want to fail, but really need some help to make it a success.

Also, if you would like to be part of the delivery team, please let me know and I will put you on the delivery list.

For more information, you may contact me directly at wyatt.fortmillmoose1240@gmail.com or 803-984-3536 (after 5 p.m. or leave a message).

Wyatt Smith

Fort Mill

Bearcats had a great season

Congratulations to the coaching staff and the players of the Rock Hill Bearcats football team. Despite the fact that their program was totally dismantled by the unsteady drawing hands of the members of the Rock Hill school board, they were able to rebuild and produce the caliber of team that the Bearcat fans had grown accustomed to.

Their season this year was nothing short of remarkable. Old Mr. Bearcat -- Eric Lessmeister, himself -- would have been proud.

C. J. Jackson


Last eight years have been tough

After reading Charles Ansell's letter regarding the abuse of freedom, I wondered where was he the past eight years. And I'm thankful that Joe the plumber is now a ghost of an election past.

Joe Guyon

Rock Hill

What about problem of drunken drivers?

Regarding your editorial on a smoking ban in the Sunday's paper -- how many people get killed or badly hurt by drunk drivers? Why do they have bars that sell liquor to people that they know will drive after they leave?

Why don't they go up on taxes on all alcohol beverages?

Why don't they share the blame? One is as bad as the other.

Get off of the smokers' backs.

Thanks for letting me blow off steam.

Rosie Sibley