Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 8, 2008

Herald lucky to have Dys

I want to tell you, my daughter got the book by Andrew Dys, and she took me to Rock Hill so he could sign it for me. It was so nice, the refreshments were all so good and the people who were there to help were so nice. I enjoyed it so much.

I want to say as if I am sure you all know it, Andy is one of us. I know he cares for people of all walks of life. He makes you feel as if you have known him all your life. The Herald is so lucky to have someone who cares so much for others. I hope he will always be there for us. The book is great, and I am so proud of him.

Ethel Sealy


Retailers operate on tight budget

I take great exception to Gail Lee's recent letter regarding the "greed" of merchants. As a former executive at the branch store and corporate level of a department store chain, I would like to explain that the selling price of merchandise is a function of its cost. Retailers do not dream up the selling price.

Truth be known, most retailers operate at a loss for 11 out of 12 months. It is only the increased volume of sales during the holidays that enable them to make their profit for the year.

Stuart Moskovitz

Fort Mill

Officer should have kept his job

In reference to the article about the male York County Detention Officer, Robert Cordell Martin, and a female inmate.

It hurts me to think that someone would take the word of an inmate over a dedicated officer of five years who loved his job, passed extreme background checks for his position to become an officer, and received awards for his outstanding performance. He served his country and is a good, honest Christian family man and one of my cherished friends.

I'm aware that it is standard procedure that SLED be called in when there is a complaint against a state employee, but why did they fire Mr. Martin on the spot without any investigating of the circumstances? Why was Mr. Martin not placed on administrative leave until investigation was finished so he could continue to provide for his family well being instead of being terminated? Why was this not caught on cameras?

It is a shame any male officer be left alone with a female inmate to cause this kind of havoc on any officer to ruin their lives. Now that this has occurred, even when Mr. Martin is found innocent, his reputation is in jeopardy.

I pray that God will be with Mr. Martin and his family through these cruel and unjust allegations against him and his character.

Donna Furr


Daschle heads agency as pro-choice advocate

The paradox of abortion: Those supporting or participating in the abortion process are the ones in serious danger of themselves being aborted.

Let me explain. We are the apple of God's eye. All of creation is given to us out of his love solely to foster our relationship with him. Our life is his creation. Those supporting or participating in the abortion process, however, are making a clear statement that they are rejecting God's most wonderful creation, the human person. In doing so, they are placing themselves in grave danger of aborting themselves from intimacy with God and are choosing alternative consequences for their eternity.

Currently in the news is Tom Daschle to be secretary of Health and Human Services. His pro-abortion stance and his job as secretary of HHS positions him to significantly advance pro-abortion initiatives and legislation. Bottom line: Daschle needs our prayers. He is putting his eternal soul in mortal danger of being aborted.

Richard B Bush

Rock Hill

Think about animals during the holidays

At this time of year, many animal care groups need help! Not for overhead but for the influx of unwanted animals and care required. There is also always the need for upgrading to meet these needs. There are many groups out there, and the best thing any donor can do is research and pick the group that is closest to your heart based on performance.

Some groups to look at are Animal Adoption League, Dogs Deserve Better, The Committee for Responsible Pet Ownership and groups offering discounted spay/neuter programs. The Committee for Responsible Pet Ownership is handing out hay, and dog houses, and building fences. Most of these groups can be found listed on petfinder.com. If you need information, call 803-684-6865. Also, we will be starting a toys for tots box and invite you participate.

Janet Richardson