Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 11, 2008

Times are hard for unemployed

I am a middle-aged woman who is on a fixed income. I have a 22-year-old child who lives at home with me. She is unemployed and has no health insurance. And believe me, she has tried over and over again, but so far, nothing.

Thanksgiving night, we had to rush her to the hospital. Come to find out, they say she needs her gallbladder taken out, so here is where the problem of our health care comes in. I spent about 4 hours trying to find out if there is any help that I could get for her, and everyone I have talked to says the same thing: Sorry, unless you are disabled, no one can help. So here is the bottom line: If you get sick, don't have a job or health insurance, can't get a loan, then you must deal with it till sickness kills you.

Donna Miller


State needs helmet law

I think it is our state legislators that must have brain damage for not passing a law requiring motorcycle riders to wear helmets. Those same lawmakers should pass another law requiring a newly purchased vehicle (new or used) to have a license or temporary tag.

Merrel Wilkenfeld

Fort Mill

U.S. overcharged for war supplies

Elizabeth Dole ran a campaign stating that Democrats wanted complete control, which would give them a blank check to spread their agenda. She should be an expert on this, because that is exactly what her Republican party had from 2002 to 2006.

During those four short years, they used that blank check to flush our economy down the toilet by funding Bush's war in Iraq, which he used fear, lies and deception to get started. They gave Cheney's old company, Halliburton, hundreds of billions of dollars worth of no-bid contracts, which they have overcharged our government for everything from building materials, laundry and meals for our troops and for the biggest cost of the war, the fuel.

After Democrats regained control of Congress in 2006, Halliburton moved its headquarters from Texas to the same country Cheney and Bush were trying to turn complete control of all our seaports to.

Now about Bush's low public approval rating: After you fools voted him in a second term, public approval meant nothing to him because he got exactly what he wanted, which was a guarantee that his war in Iraq would continue for four more years and would also guarantee that oil prices would remain high and Halliburton could continue to overcharge for their contracts.

Bush and Cheney have been laughing all the way to the bank the past four years.

Wesley M. Rash


Some spreading Christmas cheer

I wanted to write a letter to let everyone know that there are still good people in the world. Recently, my daddy and I were shopping in Aldi grocery store in Rock Hill. As we went to check out, the cashier informed us that the gentleman behind us had paid for our groceries and that we owed nothing.

We laughed, thinking it was a joke, but found that it was true. He had actually paid for our groceries! We thanked him, and he told us to have a Merry Christmas. It felt real good to realize that there are good, caring people in the world. It really did help to start off our Christmas season. Thanks again.

Robert and Ann Clack


Respect reasons for the holidays

To the "humanist," Mr. Zawislak: If I'm reading his letter correctly, he is upset that Christians are not allowing him to celebrate the Christmas holiday in the fashion he deems fit. To that, I say, welcome to what it is like to be a Christian or a devout Jew in today's secular progressive society. Imagine fighting a battle to defend and uphold your faith and beliefs not once a year, but every day.

In his letter, he is asking that Christians respect his wishes to celebrate in a secular manner one of the most holy of the Christian faith's celebrations. He asks, "Should I not be able to enjoy Christmas without acknowledging it as the birth of the Son of God?" In a word, no, he may not. Would he ask those of the Jewish faith to allow him to celebrate Yom Kippur, but on that day not to ask God for forgiveness and to feast and drink as much as he likes?

Seeking to celebrate one of the Christian faith's most holy of celebrations without acknowledging that it is a celebration of the birth of Christ is the utmost example of disrespect.

I respect Mr. Zawislak's freedom to live life as an agnostic humanist. Those freedoms are the foundation the Judeo-Christian-centric founding fathers rightfully granted him. All I, as a Christian, ask is that he grant me the same respect in keeping our holy holidays for what they are: A celebration of God's gifts to man.

Cole McKinney

Rock Hill

Was race too big a factor in election?

The 2008 presidential election was the "black man vs. the white man" election. Black Americans all over were excited about the possibility of the first black president. Did this victory have nothing to do with the issues at all?

As a black person, I know that our community did not vote on the issues. All we saw was a black man in an authoritative position. These candidates' skin color dictated the presidential race. I actually heard people try to register black voters using race as a focus!

Since Obama won, black Americans will assume this will give them some artificial power over others. We believe that everything should be turned around in our favor. I know we don't understand that a president is for all people. He is not for one race, one gender, or one class. The decisions he makes are to benefit all people and parties as a whole.

Vote for the issues and not the color the candidates' skin. Vote for the man that makes tomorrow a better day for blacks, whites, Hispanics, Asians and all others. America has now made its decision; it is now time for black Americans to change ourselves!

Chelsey S. Green

Rock Hill

How one woman 'paid it forward'

Like everyone this time of year, my husband and I have been struggling to make ends meet. Along with our regular bills, we have added the expenses of Christmas, which has really put a toll on our finances.

While doing our weekly grocery shopping today at Wal-Mart on Dave Lyle Boulevard, we were shown what Christmas is all about. The lady behind us in line politely approached my husband and me and asked us not to be embarrassed but she wanted to pay for our groceries. We were speechless! She went on to say that the two of us looked happy and that she was blessed this year and wanted to "pay it forward."

As I turned red, trying not to cry, my husband's eyes filled with tears. This lady had no idea who we were nor what we were going through financially. We both hugged her. As we walked to the car we were both choked up. While crying tears of joy, I called my mom and told her all about it. Wow! What a blessing. We did not even get this lady's name, but we want her to know that she was such a blessing to us and that we are going to pay it forward, too. This lady reminded us what Christmas is all about, and my husband and I will never forget her.

Jonathan and Holli Reed

Rock Hill

Cars should stop at crosswalks

I live in Rock Hill's Harrell Estates, and enjoy walking and bicycling in and around the Cherry Park area. In order to get there, one has to cross Eden Terrace by means of a clearly marked crosswalk leading from our neighborhood to Sullivan Middle School. This crosswalk also is being used by Sullivan students coming to and from school.

Eden Terrace is quite heavily traveled, and, at the crosswalk, traffic comes from three different directions -- Eden Terrace and also Nations Ford Road. Common sense dictates for a pedestrian or bicyclists to not move in front of oncoming traffic, but eventually one has to attempt to cross the road to get to the other side. This is where the challenge begins.

State law says that, whenever a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, oncoming traffic is required to slow down or stop. I have personally noticed that, when stepping onto the crosswalk, eight out of 10 cars completely disregard the crosswalk and make no attempt to slow down at all, despite the fact that you are clearly in front of them. Some even have the guts to blow their horn so you know they are coming and get out of the way. It is like playing chicken.

This behavior has apparently led the Rock Hill Police to install stop signs at the crosswalks in downtown Rock Hill. There is not nearly as much traffic or speed involved downtown as there is on Eden Terrace. I am aware that the city emphasizes walk and bike routes, but my experience tells me that Rock Hill still has a long way to go before becoming a pedestrian-friendly city.

Hubert Emsermann

Rock Hill

Man offered a ray of hope

I would like to say thank you to the gentleman by the name of Robert who bestowed kindness to my mom at Dollar General in York. I want him to know that he is truly and angel of God in my eyes.

His kindness just proves that there are still good people in this cruel world we live in. He will never know how much it was appreciated. My mom and dad are going through a very difficult time right now, and he gave her hope that day.

Crystal Moss

Hickory Grove