Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 14, 2008

Bush deserves the recriminations

In his letter to The Herald, Lou Page says, "However, whomever/whatever divisive force(s) initiated and promoted the acidulous "hate campaign" against President George Bush and his administration ..."

That part of the letter I must comment on.

There has been no "hate campaign" initiated or promoted against President George Bush and his administration. There have been individuals, people acting together and groups opposed to his policies and actions, and rightly so. When these people expressed their concern about the direction this nation was been led, they were told that they don't love America, that they were unpatriotic, they didn't support the troops and they hated Bush.

This happened as we watched what is arguably the worst president in the history of our country trample all over our Constitution, the Geneva Convention and everything it means to be an American.

We've been "misled" into war, sent several thousands of our soldiers to their death, participated in the slaughter of countless civilians, practically crippled our armed forces and discovered that our president considers himself above any act of Congress. We are being spied upon in our own country, while he has crippled our economy and has taken a budget surplus and turned it into the greatest deficit ever while all too many people shrug and say, "so what?"

If a Democratic administration did a tenth of these things, you'd be up in arms, you'd be calling for mass impeachments and resignations.

Every principle on which this country was founded is but a hurdle for this president to kick aside. He has about as much respect for America as he did for the population of New Orleans when Katrina was bearing down on them. Which is to say -- not the slightest bit.

Now that the world and most of this nation see him and his administration for what they are, those who are still defending him are left only to call us names.

William Miskelly

Rock Hill

We really do like our guns

In a recent editorial, you said that the tax holiday for gun sales was South Carolina telling the world, "We like our guns." What is wrong with that? Just because it is not your opinion, is it wrong? The textbook liberal, go look in the mirror. I own guns but have not shot one in years. But I have to speak out where people force their views on others.

This just shows what most people in York County already know -- The Herald is a paper owned and operated by outside interest with liberal views that the vast majority of South Carolinians disagree with. Why would the Legislature override the governor's veto if it did not feel that the majority of their constituients support the holiday? I am Republican on most issues but have always considered this governor out of touch on this and many other issues supported by Democrats and Republicans.

Maybe one day we will have a paper that expresses our South Carolina views, and not your imports.

Larry Carter