Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 18, 2008

We're slowly losing our liberties

How sad that the City and County Councils are taking steps to ban smoking in public places. Our liberties are lost a drop at a time, so slowly that most people don't even realize it's happening.

More people die each year from auto crashes, falls, poisoning, fire and burns, drowning, suffocation and firearms than from secondhand smoke. Yet I don't see our elected officials seeking to outlaw driving, ladders, toxins, matches, swimming, pillows, plastic bags, or guns.

As smoking declines, more and more public places are going smoke free as part of a natural process that needs no intervention from government. So, let them if they choose to do so, and leave those who choose not to ban smoking in their own establishments alone! I fail to understand how City Councilman John Gettys can speak of the "public health aspect" as trumping everything. He's wrong. The liberties and rights Americans enjoy trump everything.

And they are fading away, drop by drop.

Dan Sexton

Rock Hill

County right to ban smoking

It is about time that we stopped smoking in public places. I am glad our county officials finally came to this conclusion. Now, if we can get the elected officials in Columbia to get off of their collective behinds and do the same statewide, this will be a much more pleasant state to live in.

Lloyd Hopper