Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 20, 2008

Read fine print about diet pills

With so many commercials about the newest "magic diet pill," I have been wondering if they actually work. My questions were answered when I took the time to read the fine print on some of these ads.

One ad for the weight-loss pill Lipozene brags about how the pill makes you lose pure body fat without changing your daily life style. It goes on to say that the pill was clinically proven in a university study. What it does not mention is the actual results of the clinical trial.

In the fine print, it reads that "subjects lost an average of 3.86 pounds over an eight-week university study." That averages out to .4825 pounds per week. The next time you eat a meal, you will most likely gain 0.4825 pounds, and in a few hours later, you will probably have lost that amount of weight. These "magic" diet pills are nothing more then ways to get your money.

Josh Owens

Fort Mill

Consider all the costs of not wearing a helmet

In response to Perry Hudspeth's comments about motorcycle riders and helmets, I always hear the argument about having the choice to wear a helmet or not. I never hear anyone discuss what problems occur when the accident happens and the medical bills outweigh what the rider has put into the entire insurance policy. It raises my rates because the insurance company has to make up for the loss.

Who is going to pay the cost to take care of the invalid who has some sort of head trauma from a motorcycle accident that could have been prevented? Do you tell the doctors not to treat you? That conflicts with their Hippocratic oath. Tax dollars for disability?

What is the cost to your family when you are not there? What is the cost to hold your daughter's hand at her wedding or the price to teach your son how to ride a bike?

I served nearly 20 years in the service and understand freedom better than most. But there are too many great men and women injured by not wearing a simple device that could have saved them.

Maybe I am wrong. Maybe it is a way to strengthen the gene pool. But as a responsible rider, you have to ask yourself, what is the total cost of not wearing a simple helmet?

Chris Davis

Rock Hill

Turn signal would be welcome

Has anyone noticed how Heckle Boulevard is returning to a logging trail? The pavement is "alligatored" if not already a pothole. Going the opposite way, as you approach Rawlinson Road, the speed limit drops from 55 to 45, but it's worth your life to do 45 and then try to get to the left lane to make a left on Rawlinson, what with most of the traffic hanging in the left lane and still doing 55 mph.

A dedicated left-turn arrow from Heckle onto Twin Lakes would be a great Christmas present.

Kent Allen

Rock Hill