Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 21, 2008

Sheriff pledges to serve county

Thank you once again. It is with humble appreciation for the citizens of York County that I will now have the opportunity to serve as your sheriff for another term. It is with great pride that I serve in this capacity, and it is with great commitment that I pledge to work to improve the quality of life within York County.

The York County Sheriff's Office depends upon the public for support. Thank you for serving as our partners by helping us do what is needed to serve you. I pledge to continue to run a top-notch and professional organization that will make you as proud as you are secure.

York County is not the same community that it was in 1996 when you first elected me as your sheriff. York County's growth and the influx of new crime trends have created a need for the Sheriff's Office to grow and change as well. We have implemented many new programs, and we have changed our way of policing in an effort to better serve you and your needs. We are proud to say that we serve you to the best of our abilities, and we will continue to do so with equality and fairness.

I want to take a moment to recognize and thank all of the outstanding men and women that make up the York County Sheriff's Office. They are dedicated and committed public servants, and I am very proud of the service that they provide, not only to you, the citizens, but to me as well. They represent my office well.

Once again, I thank you for your vote of confidence, and for the opportunity to continue serving as your sheriff. I pledge to uphold the trust that you have placed in me.

Bruce M. Bryant

Sheriff, York County


Obama really is first biracial president

I am wondering why everyone is calling Barack Obama the first African-American president. Is everyone forgetting that he is half white? I am just wondering is that everyone's way of telling a biracial person they have to choose a race. Barack Obama is not one race; he is black and white. I feel instead of calling Barack Obama the first "black president," he should be called the first biracial president.

Melissa Johnson


Why is bank awarding bonuses?

I recently read in The Herald that Wachovia had notified its employees that their bonuses would be about 20 percent of normal.

I worked for one of the world's largest corporations for 30 years, and we were paid well, but a monetary bonus was not in their vocabulary. Your bonus, if you did well in your assigned job, was that you got to keep your job for another year and sometimes you might get a pay raise for the next year.

On a few occasions, I was promoted to a better-paying job as my reward but never got a monetary bonus. I will admit that I have been retired for more than 22 years and the business world has changed, but to my knowledge, my company still pays a good salary but no bonus.

It bothers me that many of these corporations, especially banks, pay their executives these enormous salaries to do a particular job and then feel obligated to give them a bonus at years end for doing what they were being paid to do in the beginning.

Ken Gasque

Rock Hill

Church gave gift to community

I would like to thank the members of St. John's Methodist Church for their very special and moving gift to our community. "The Journey To Bethlehem" was so realistic that I felt that I had actually shared in the experience.

My daughter and I shared space in line with a young family from Matthews, N.C. Even though the evening was cold and the line long, our hearts were warmed by the delicious hot chocolate graciously served by the youth of the church.

We appreciate the long hours, the talent and the hard work that went into such a magnificent production.

This was truly an awesome Christmas gift to each who attended.

Margaret Harper

Rock Hill