Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 22, 2008

Bringing hope and help to the community

My grandfather always stated that the acts of a man will always speak louder than the words of a man, and what better acts are there than those of Dr. Winslow Shock, Rev. Ronal King and the wonderful congregation of St. Mary's Catholic Church?

With the current situation in our economy, we have found ourselves being forced to hold on to every nickel and dime that we get. Yet, while most Americans are thinking about how they are going to pay for Christmas, Dr. Winslow is out making sure that over 2,000 children have the opportunity to believe that, in spite of everything that goes on in the world, love will prevail. Dr. Winslow knows that an idea that never leaves the ground is only a dream, but an idea that takes off because a vision. I thank Dr. Winslow for looking beyond race and going the extra mile to put a smile on children's faces.

Rev. Ronal King's acts of kindness will always be the greatest sermon that he could ever preach. Rev. King takes the messages of the church and turns them into actions as he seeks those in need and provides them not only with hope, but also with help! Rev. King is the example of the slogan, "Yes We Can." Yes, we can love our neighbors as ourselves! Yes, we can help our brothers and sisters when they are down! Yes, we can take care of those less fortunate than ourselves! I thank Rev. King for putting the "Yes we can," in the hearts of so many!

Lastly, thanks to the congregation of St. Mary's Catholic Church for its years of dedication and commitment to serving food to those who make up our community. Day after day, for years before I was born, St. Mary's Soup Kitchen Outreach has been the highlight of a community ignored by so many. The congregation of St. Mary's is made up of people of different races, ethnicities and social status, so who told us that we couldn't come together in spite of our differences and work together for the common good of man? St. Mary's, as Christmas approaches, thank you for giving us of the community Christmas all year long.

Minister C.T. Kirk

Rock Hill

Coaches provided good guidance

As team mom for the Sylvia Circle Gray-Y Demons football team, I would like to thank the coaching staff for the great job that they did for the players this year. The staff did an excellent job of not only teaching our young men how to play ball, but also how to grow up to be respectable and courteous young men.

The coaches talked to them daily about the importance of doing well in school, respecting their parents and being positive young men. To parents, this is far more important than learning to play the game of football.

I would also like to thank the parents for assisting with snacks and for their contributions made for our banquet. Our banquet would not have been a success without the assistance from several of our parents. Special thanks go out to Ce-Ce Jones (South Pointe varsity football player) and Najee Sutton (former South Pointe varsity football player) for being in attendance and for giving great motivational speeches to the players.

It made me proud to see former Demon Gray-Y players grow up and come back to their "home" team to encourage other young players. As a community, let's continue to support our young men and women. Working together, all things are possible.

Alice Hardin-Hinton

Rock Hill