Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 25, 2008

Cheer for Children was impressive

We recently attended the Cheer for Children Charity event at Rock Hill High School gym, and we were really impressed with the program.

Our colors were dramatically posted by American Legion Post 34, and Rolling Thunder paid tribute to our troops.

We appreciated the appropriate memorial for Eric Lessmeister at his school, where he contributed so very much to his students, his sports and his community. We want to remember, appreciate the present and anticipate the future.

The crowd was lively, loud and good. Everybody had a good time.

Meaningful gifts were distributed.

Caroline Schock and Robert Hutcherson

Boonville, N.C.

Consider the cost of York County's drug unit

According to figures recently given in The Herald about York County's multijurisdictional drug squad, our law enforcement units are costing us about $4 for every dollar's worth of cocaine they seize.

Why don't we just open an office and offer to buy cocaine for double the street price -- no questions asked? We would sweep the county clean and save a lot of money.

Arch Wakefield

Tega Cay

Judge erred in denying 'I Believe' license plates

Recently, U.S.District Court Judge McGowan ruled against South Carolina issuing license plates with a Christian cross and the words "I believe."

I wonder if his ruling was done to uphold the separation of state and church, which has been misinterpreted for well over 100 years, or the judge's own personal religious ideology. Separation of church and state is not written into the Constitution. Our judiciary have used a letter written by Thomas Jefferson, to the Danbury Baptist Association, on Jan. 1, 1802, to justify church and state rulings. Jefferson wrote that there must be "a wall of separation between church and state." Our judges, however, continue to use this letter, not the Constitution, in making their rulings.

There are several states that have God on their license plates. South Carolina has a plate that has "In God We Trust." Yet, even though the plate in question costs $29 and gives Christians their 1st Amendment right for free expression, the judge shot it down.

Separation of church and state doesn't apply to some school district across this country, when Muslim students are allowed to pray in school several times a day. Or at the University of Michigan, where taxpayer money was used to provide foot baths so their Muslim students could clean their feet before praying. The above examples don't offend me; all I ask is the same consideration for we Christians.

Royce Thrift

Tega Cay