Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 28, 2008

God will judge officer's fate

In regards to the officer who should have kept his job: I don't know the character of officer Robert Cordell Martin nor do I know the female inmate, but the letter writer sounds like she thinks the inmate is less of a person because she feels she knows the officer's heart, mind and soul. She does not!

I tell my son all the time, you do not know what goes on inside the human mind even if it is your best friend. I was disrespected and taken advantage of verbally by police officers and an assistant principal because I asked them to speak louder. I made complaints and attempts to press charges but because they were people of higher authority it was swept under the rug.

It is OK because God is my higher authority. If officer Martin is innocent, he should have faith the Lord will fix it. If he is guilty, the Lord will fix that, too.

Juvenia White

Fort Mill

Mailbox vandals need to consider consequences

An open letter to the vandals who enjoyed another evening out, destroying Rock Hill rural mailboxes for the fun of it:

One of those mailboxes belonged to my parents and was one in a long series of mailboxes they've had to replace over the years. They used to buy special mailboxes, like one with birds on the side as homage to the birds they enjoy feeding each day, but after those were destroyed they've resorted to plain varieties.

Because they're in their late 70s/early 80s, they did splurge on their last mailbox. They bought one that flipped up a flag when mail was delivered so they could see when their mail had arrived to save them the long trip down and back up their driveway.

That was the one you destroyed the other week.

My parents are retired, on a fixed income that has to pay for all of their living expenses. They don't have the luxury of the disposable income you might enjoy.

My dad didn't ride around when he was a young man, seeing what mischief he could get into. He celebrated his 18th birthday on a ship in the Pacific, on his way to the battle of Leyte in the Philippines. He defended our country so that you would have the freedom to make the bad choices you're making.

Can you take a few minutes and do something you haven't done so far? Think ahead to the consequences of your actions. Think of the trouble you're causing these sweet people, and imagine how you'd feel if it was your own parents or grandparents who were having to clean up after you. Think of where you're headed if you allow your bad behavior to escalate.

Value yourself more than that. Hopefully, it's not too late.

Betty Jean Franklin

Snellville, S.C.