Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - December 30, 2008

Obama will fulfill America's promise

There are many in this country who cannot accept the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States. You only need look as far as the opinion pages of The Herald to know that. Maybe because George Bush and Dick Cheney have lied in office so long, it is hard for people to believe in a candidate or president who is truly honest and forthcoming.

Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin tried and failed to convince the majority of the American people that Obama was a friend to terrorists (domestic or otherwise) and to cast doubt on his character not based on his record, but the dubious record of others. America judged him on the content of his character and found him to be a man of outstanding intellect, character and compassion.

President-elect Obama was and will continue to be a class act who reaches out to those whose vote he did not earn on Election Day and to be guided by what is the greater good for all Americans, and not only the ones with the loudest voices and the deepest pockets. I look forward with anticipation, joy, and pride to 12 p.m. Jan. 20, 2009, when Barack Hussein Obama takes the oath of office and fulfills America's promise. God bless America.

Gail Leach

Rock Hill

Sunday alcohol sales are a bad idea

What's up with York County passing the laws to sell beer and liquor in restaurants on the Lord's day on Sundays? How many more people have to die because of drunk drivers?

I've had a family member die because of a drunk driver! The graveyards are full of drunk drivers! The government and the big shots of York County should be ashamed of themselves allowing the sale of beer and liquor on the Lord's day! Someone needs to put a stop to this new law.

Terry Wright


DUIs pose a real danger

Regarding the recent story about a felony DUI plea that brought a 10-year sentence for killing and seriously injuring others: My 19-year-old daughter was burned alive as a result of an accident caused by a DUI. I feel I owe it to my daughter and others to try and put a stop to these unnecessary atrocities

Prohibition didn't work. My idea is to stop any individual from entering any bar if that individual came by driving their own car. Taxis should be made available or somebody other than the driver. If the law is broken, an automatic life sentence should be handed down. If these individuals are not concerned with all knowledge of the harm driving under the influence can cause, then they should be willing to pay the extra for taxis or chauffeured drivers.

Alfred Boltin

Fort Mill

Helmet laws abridge freedom

I am not sure what sparked Mr. Wilkenfeld to write his opinion about the helmet law, but just to inform him, there is a helmet law on the books. It states that anyone younger than the age of 21 must wear one while riding a motorcycle. Anyone over that age has the freedom of choice as to whether they wish to wear one or not.

Those of us who ride motorcycles are adults, and we have the right to make that decision. We do not need someone who does not know us from a hole in the wall to mandate what we can and cannot do. How would you like it if you had to wear a helmet while you are mowing your lawn on your riding mower, or while you are walking down the street. Heaven knows, you might fall and hit your head. How about if you had to wear a helmet while driving your car?

I have been riding motorcycles for a long time, I have been in a couple of accidents while on my bike, never having suffered from any injuries to my head. Am I lucky? Yes I am. I am lucky to live in a state where I have the choice to wear a helmet or not. What we need is better education for all drivers as to motorcycle awareness and better access to motorcycle rider education classes. We also need to make motorcycle awareness part of the drivers education classes.

Terry Hutchinson

Rock Hill