Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - January 2, 2009

Family grateful for man's generosity

In such an unsettling and frightening time, I just had to share our Christmas miracle.

My son works for a state-supported school and was notified before Thanksgiving that there would be layoffs. After two long, agonizing weeks, the announcements were finally made. His name was indeed on the list.

My son and daughter-in-law have four children. The youngest was diagnosed with autism when he was three. His requirements for therapy are pretty extensive and expensive, all privately paid. It is paying off. Six this year, he was mainstreamed into a regular school since the slowdown in the economy withdrew his slot at a special needs school. His therapy has allowed him to mainstream successfully, and he is enjoying school. What a blessing.

There were two employees in my son's department at the Governor's School. My son has been at the school longer, but the other gentleman has been with the S.C. Educational Department longer.

Both qualified to remain.

The day the announcements were made, this gentleman, angel to this family, stepped aside so that the one job would go to my son in order for him to be able to continue the support of his family.

I don't think I have ever known of anything more unselfish. It brings tears to my eyes when I try to tell the story. Our prayers were truly answered. The circumstances are bittersweet because this wonderful gentleman now is seeking employment. But he has no idea the magnitude of peace and comfort, indeed cheer, he has brought to this family.

Ralph Hanahan will certainly be in our prayers for all the goodness that can come his way. He is my hero.

Martha Lyle Poole

Rock Hill

Most gun sales are authorized

Regarding your editorial "S.C. exports guns," I would like to bring a couple of facts to your attention.

The Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a group started by the most anti-gun mayor in the nation. Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City is the worst of the worst as far as being anti-gun. His group and its report should be looked at with a careful eye to see the prejudice and anti-gun slant that they put forward. In a word, you need to verify everything they say.

Your logic as to where criminals get their guns is also off base. Every gun dealer at a gun show must do the same thing all gun dealers do, and that is get the federal Form 4473 filled out and called in to get an OK to deliver the firearm from the NICS Background Center as required by federal law. Very few guns are sold by non-dealers, especially in Charlotte and Columbia.

I think you should do some background checks yourself on the Mayors Against Illegal Guns, get the exact numbers of guns they have found and then find out how many were stolen in South Carolina. I'm pretty sure that you will find that the gun trace information will verify that nearly all of the guns were reported stolen and not bought and resold. It is a federal crime to do a "straw purchase," and every gun sale from a dealer must be reported to the FBI if more than one handgun is purchased during a sale. In South Carolina, we report sales of more than one gun to the FBI if it occurs within five business days.

I just don't think you have fully researched your topic before putting your opinion out to the public. If that is the case, then shame on you. While you are verifying your information, I would like you to go to a gun show at the next opportunity. You will be surprised at how things work at the gun shows.

Ron Crawford

Rock Hill

Bush got what was coming to him

So Bush met someone who socked at him with his heels. Goody, goody. Bush met someone who attacked, and now he knows how it feels. Goody, goody. To have two shoes tossed at you, so you duck, that's what you do. And millions of Iraqi people have a hero reporter, too.

This is a serious response, a destined reaction to a very serious ongoing criminal situation. America and others are now covering its downfall with tremendous money bailouts. There is no solution for this much waste of money and lives. The truth will capture those responsible, with locked doors and bars. And the truth will set the Iraqi people free from America.

Linda White

Rock Hill