Letters to the Editor

Voice of the People - January 3, 2009

Give car buyers amnesty on credit

I propose credit amnesty for people who got auto loans from local lots and dealerships who tell you,"We can get you financed!" These dealerships have a list of banks that would possibly finance people based on income and credit scores. A lot of people got financing with low to very low credit scores with very high interest rates.

North Carolina's rates are lower than South Carolina's. Your car payments are based on your interest rate. If you got high to very high interest rates, your car payment will be extreme. Salesmen tell you, "You can do it," make your payments on time and you will build your credit. But with these high car payments, you are set to fail. In a lot of cases, these payments almost double the payments of someone with good to excellent credit. This cannot help the consumer, it can only hurt.

They need a one-time credit amnesty. Their tax dollars are bailing out these institutions whose lending practices help get them in this situation in the first place. Now, that is a travesty.

Joe Caldwell


He proudly flies the flag

In July of 1990, I wrote a letter to The Herald defending a person's freedom of expression even if it was against my own belief. In this case, it was over a flag burning controversy in Charlotte. E.S. James had written an excellent commentary entitled, "You can't burn American ideals." My views on that issue still stand today. I am a retired Air Force lieutenant colonel, having spent 22 years serving my country, and I stand with pride each time our national symbol is raised or passes by in a parade. I moved to Rock Hill in 1985 and have flown our country's flag proudly in my yard every since.

During the night of Dec. 27, someone decided to take away a little bit of my freedom of expression by stealing my American flag. They left my Air Force flag, which flies below the American flag, dangling on the ground. I do not know what the motive was for taking the flag. It may have been a prank where one person was dared by another to steal the flag.

Neither the motive nor the cost of the flag is important to me. What is important is the fact that the person who did this has committed a crime by stealing the flag and trespassing on another person's private property. I trust they will never commit a more serious crime, but if they should happen to read this letter, I hope that they can learn a lesson that small errors in judgment can lead to more serious difficulties in the future. I also hope that the persons who took my flag will treat it with the same respect that I do and with the requirements outlined in the U.S. Flag Code.

For now, my flag pole is dark because I did not have a spare American flag to raise. But as soon as I can purchase one, the flags will fly at my home again.

gain, as many times before, thank you for the right to express my opinion in a daily paper another of the great freedoms of America.

Alex Y. Bishop

Lt. Col. USAF (Retired)

Rock Hill

Use the right type of collar

A recent article in your paper contained incorrect information regarding the suggestion that pet owners use leather collars on their dogs. Apparently the writer is not very familiar with these collars or he would have known better!

Our terrier kept getting loose wearing a leather harness. I told my husband there is something wrong when one dog can out smart two grownups.

I saw the dog go as far as the chain would allow, turn around and back out of the harness, and head off! Next day, I told a Sears termite control man about it. He said when leather gets damp, it stretches, The only safe kind is the woven knitted kind which they are unable to get out of.

He does not mean the kind with plastic fasteners, but the ones with metal fasteners.

A hint, if tying the animals around a tree, leave enough chain, rope is no good, so that they can move more freely around the tree. If not, they with try to get up and struggle to get free. Plenty of problems then!

Ruby H. Shealy

Fort Mill