Andrew Dys: Win belongs to fans

SPOKANE, WASH - The buzzer sounded and joy, as pure as the birth of a child, filled a basketball arena 2,683.9 miles from Rock Hill where so few fans could go. But those few experienced magic.

Winthrop, always so close in the NCAA Tournament, was finally a winner.

And every fan who has followed this team from obscurity, who has watched the rise of The Eagles, danced and cried and shared that joy because it belongs to every single one of them.

"We won, we did it, we won!" screamed out 19-year-old Shane Canup, who took a plane and a train to arrive just hours before the game.

Winthrop's crowd of about 200 fans hugged and cried some more and called people back in Rock Hill to share that moment.

It is the singular most important moment in the history of the school. It is a moment that anyone who flew, or drove, or watched the game on TV, will never forget.

Oregon fans screaming out "Torrell, Winthrop, we love you!" because Winthrop won.

The perennial underdog finally won the big game. Winthrop grew up Friday afternoon in Washington state.

Every one of us who calls York County home just won, against mighty Notre Dame, the most famous team in the history of college sports.

Enjoy it, Rock Hill.

Every fan earned it.