There's lots to do and the clock is ticking

I really can't say it's good to be back to work after two weeks of vacation, the second in a cabin at the end of the road near the top of a mountain in Tennessee.

The wife dared me to cut on ESPN, saying we had planned this vacation to slow it down and relax. The little bit of sports I got was from sneaking out early while the boss was sleeping to buy a newspaper.

I was bombarded with news about the University of Tennessee, which was about 35 miles up the road.

Legendary women's coach Pat Summit was taken to the hospital for dehydration because she had to move her summer camp to a gym that had no air conditioning.

The baseball team replaced long-time coach Rod Delmonico -- who was fired -- with Western Carolina's Todd Raleigh. Raleigh played for Clemson coach Jack Leggett, Western's coach before going to the Tigers.

There was plenty of basketball, including reports from a summer league in Knoxville that includes UT's incoming players and holdovers from this year's teams. From what I read, the Vols have a chance to be very good next season.

And of course, there were enough Pacman Jones stories to fill the bottoms of every birdcage in the state. How could someone in as much trouble as he is go to a bar in Atlanta and add to his woes? Some writers felt he should be banned for life, not just the upcoming season. I agree.

But that's enough about UT.

The rest of the sports section? I sure do feel better about ours after reading theirs. But I'll give in a little. Summer is a slow time for all papers unless they have a pro baseball team.

Regardless of the rumors you may hear over the next few months, I'm back at work and not gone fishing until football season. But it does sound good. I'd like to bring home a string of fresh fish and throw them on the grill.

Getting started this morning was tough. Don't believe the cliche that once you've learned to ride a bike you never forget. The old fingers are having a hard time banging the right keys. I'm moving so slow that it would probably take me two hours to watch "60 Minutes."

But it'll all come back. Has to. Lots to do and the clock is ticking.

The Class A NSA Girls Fastpitch Softball World Series returns to the area in July, and guess who drew the short straw again? Actually I volunteered because you get to meet a lot of good folks and see some very good softball.

There's a high school football section waiting to be produced. Will Franklin, our top sports desk guy, will again assist and expect another of his colorful covers. Inside there will be plenty of information and photos of your favorite team.

During the last few days of the softball tournament, high school football practice begins. Expect a daily story and schedule for each of our teams.

Also in August, Rock Hill Post 34 hosts the American Legion Baseball state tournament at The Winthrop Ballpark. Should be a good one.

The Herald Football Jamboree is Aug. 9 at York and Aug. 10 at Rock Hill's District Three Stadium. Some teams start the regular season the following week, but most begin Aug. 24.

So it's going to get busy, which is how I like it. Gonna have to pack the fishing gear away until next summer and buckle the chinstrap.

Or maybe we could move to the mountains. It was nice sitting on the front porch of the cabin every morning in a rocking chair with a cup of coffee, then climbing into the hot tub. Cooking out back on the grill every night. Listening to -- can you do this? -- the silence after going to bed each night.

Nah. Couldn't do that. It's almost football season. I'd be miserable not covering games on Friday night.

It's something about the lights.