Clemson coach Purnell mum on jersey selection

Clemson's Sam Perry keeps the ball away from Duke's Brian Zoubek.
Clemson's Sam Perry keeps the ball away from Duke's Brian Zoubek.

CHARLOTTE -- The question was raging as soon as Clemson's 78-74 win over Duke on Saturday was over.

Will the Tigers don the purple jerseys they wore Saturday for today's ACC championship?

Coach Oliver Purnell said the purples are special and should be saved for special games. Wearing them too often may rob them of their supposed magic.

That seemed to rule it out, which is curious. Clemson donned the togs for a game at Maryland on March 2 for the first time all year and set a school record with a 20-point second-half comeback.

With the win over Duke, that's 2-for-2. Considering Clemson's never won the ACC tournament and will play for it for just the second time, what better time is there than today?

Purnell smiled and said it'd be a good possibility the Tigers will wear all orange today. Note that's "possible," and not "definite."

• GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: The Clemson-Duke game had to be stopped for a brief spell while officials padded an area in front of the scorer's table with towels. The storm lashing the area found its way inside and was dripping water on the floor.

Bobcats Arena cost $265 million but didn't have a five-cent bolt to plug the leak.

• COACH'S BAD SIDE: North Carolina's Wayne Ellington was given a technical foul for taunting during the Tar Heels' 68-66 win over the Hokies, drawing a stern rebuke from coach Roy Williams. Williams didn't make light of the incident but managed to crack a few one-liners anyway.

"Wayne will be in better condition after the running that he gets to do with everyone clapping for him later in the week," Williams said. "I saw it clearly, and Wayne did start talking to the player.

"I have no idea if he was saying anything bad, or congratulating him on his haircut. He was talking and there was a bump, and I have no problem with what the official did."

Williams later joked about Ellington getting off the hook for a missed free throw because he knew Tyler Hansbrough would get the offensive board and hit a putback. He also credited Ellington's play.

"Wayne made some big jump shots, but I was disappointed in it," he finished.