First round of Herald Bowl goes to sudden death

The first Herald Bowl didn't get through first-round voting without some suspense. In fact, we're going to an online version of sudden death to get the winner of two games.

Due to a computer glitch, results from game two featuring the 2001 and 1993 Northwestern teams and game six with 1990 and 2002 Rock Hill teams, were not calculated correctly.

Voting on those games has been extended through noon Friday. When those results are received, second-round voting will start on Sunday.

There were 157 voters in the first round. Here are the results of the games we could resolve.

In game one, 2004 Rock Hill overcame 1990 Lancaster 120-37. In game three, 2007 Clover edged 1996 Rock Hill 81-76. The 1989 Rock Hill team got the best of 1997 Northwestern 92-65 in game four, while 1989 Northwestern surged past 1963 Rock Hill 103-54 in game five.

In game seven, 1991 Great Falls nipped 2007 Chester 81-76 and in game eight 1987 Lewisville topped 1986 York 98-59.

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