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A week for the books

South Pointe's Devin Wherry rushed for 175 yards and three TDs in a 35-6 win.
South Pointe's Devin Wherry rushed for 175 yards and three TDs in a 35-6 win.

Last week was one for the books as far as high school football goes.

Locally, there were several big stories, perhaps none bigger than South Pointe moving to 2-0 in its second season of varsity football after going 3-8 last year.

After the Stallions' 35-6 win over Lower Richland, head coach Bobby Carroll said being undefeated was "great,'' and that this time last year South Pointe was 1-1.

The Stallions have their first road game Friday at South Aiken. If they win, and they should, Carroll's team will be 3-0. He doesn't want his players looking ahead because Richland Northeast comes to town the following week and South Pointe has a chance to make a huge statement.

Carroll's team was ranked for the first time last week at No. 8 in the Prep Writers poll. The Stallions got votes in the AP poll. Going to 4-0 by winning its next two games should shoot the Stallions higher in the rankings.

Carroll said in early August that his team was in most games it played last year and could have won several of those. He pointed to RNE as one of the teams that put a whipping on the Stallions, so the game in two weeks falls in the must-see category.

• MOOSE: Northwestern coach Moose Wallace's Trojans won their first game, 14-0 over Spartanburg.

It was the first win for Wallace since coming back after running the Trojans' athletics programs for two years. The win pushed his record at Northwestern to 188-54.

While this team might be a step behind those powerhouses Wallace coached for 18 seasons, it's coming around. The offense has a good leader in quarterback Will King. The defense has a couple of headhunters in Jerell Miller and Greg Paige.

• BEARCATS: You had to know it was just a matter of time.

Rock Hill picked up its first win, 38-18 over Fairfield Central, and it wasn't that close. The key was the offense, which had most Bearcats' fans concerned, came around and put points on the board.

Mario McCullough caught three touchdown passes, two from Jonathan Meeks and one from Jujuan Crockett, and tailback Jerante Hood was close to cracking 100 yards rushing with 84.

The surprise is kicker Brandon Berger, who could win a couple of close ones this season. He has field goals of 41 and 42 yards after three games.

• REALIGNMENT: The proposal by Region 3-AAAA to keep it all-York County for the 2008-2010 seasons was voted down 9-5 by the South Carolina High School League's Executive Committee last Thursday.

Because of the vote, Northwestern and Rock Hill will be in different regions for the first time since 1972 after this year. It also sent South Pointe to Region 4 in the Columbia area with Rock Hill.

Northwestern athletics director Bill Warren was the main speaker for the region's effort and did a tremendous job. The appeal ahead of the one Warren presented was voted down 14-0.

During the question-and-answer session, the League's Executive Director, Jermome Singleton, said he made a mistake in separating the two and asked if Warren would accept a comprise to keep Rock Hill and Northwestern in the same region.

There was a brief moment of silence and all eyes were on Warren, who said he could answer the question but wouldn't. Naturally, Warren would have liked to have seen the two schools back together, but not on his say-so.

"I'm here representing Region 3,'' Warren said. "So my answer is all or nothing.''

It was a great answer, the only answer.

• DOC: Dating back to the old Region 2-AAAA days when Northwestern and Rock Hill were members of one of the best-ever regions in this state, fans around here are familiar with Spartanburg coach Doc Davis.

He has won five state championships in his 18 seasons at Spartanburg, including wins over Rock Hill in 1996 and Northwestern in 2001.

And although he has beaten "our teams,'' Davis is well-liked and much-respected.

He's gone at the end of the season. After a ruling by his administration, Davis announced this will be his final season.

Vikings quarterback Zycorrian Robinson quit the team. Under the rules and contract Davis has with his players, anyone quitting will not be allowed back.

Robinson was reinstated and given a three-game suspension. Davis said he was not mad at anyone when announcing he would resign, but you know he had to be gravely concerned over the decision.

His system has worked for 18 years, so why mess with it? Like they say: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it.''

There will likely be a line forming with schools needing a coach and wanting to hire Davis. And if he ends up playing Spartanburg down the road, he'll treat it like any other game. That's because he's a class act.