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Spirits build for Northwestern -South Pointe game with T-shirts, teachers dressed as celebs

Spirit Week continues at Northwestern and South Pointe high schools.

As the their football teams prepare to face off Friday for the Class AAAA Division II state championship, the schools are showing support. Each day of the week is marked by a different theme.

At South Pointe on Wednesday, it was Western Ranch Day. At Northwestern, it was Celebrity Day.

Most students shied away from the day's theme, but school colors were in abundance on both campuses -- hallways crowded with red jackets and hoodies bearing the South Pointe Stallion logo, purple and gold for the Northwestern Trojans.

The rival schools did have one thing in common: Their adults took the spirit week theme to heart.

Here's a glimpse inside both schools on Wednesday:

Buying spirit

Several athletic booster club moms manned South Pointe's Spirit Store during lunch. The group sets up shop during big game weeks, selling T-shirts, sweat shirts and other memorabilia.

The store usually is popular, said booster club member Allison Blackmon. But "more students (than usual) have come this week."

Of particular interest was the T-shirt the club had designed for the state championship.

Celebrity sightings

On Tuesday, Northwestern High senior Clayton Goadden said, "The teachers are more excited than the students."

A glance around campus Wednesday seemed to prove him right. It was tough to spot a high-schooler dressed as a celebrity. But teachers and faculty made up for it.

"Students never dress up," said secretary Sharon Scott, pregnant and draped in garments as Mary the mother of Jesus. "Back in the day, when I was here in the seventies, we all dressed up."

Upstairs, English teachers Lindsay Lett, dressed as Bob the Builder, and Cindi Venables as the Cat in the Hat said teens are talking about the game, but they think student spirit will perk up today and Friday.

"We think some of them are in a daze," Lett said. "There's a lot going on."

"They're teenagers," Venables said. "They wait until the last possible minute to do anything."

Family ties

South Pointe teachers Joe and Cindy Koon are, in their words, "conflicted."

Their son Ramsey is a starting left guard for Northwestern High's football team.

"It's just awful," said a smiling Cindy Koon, sporting a Tilley hat for Western Day. "I love the Stallions with all my heart, and (students) know that. But when it comes to Friday night, I gotta go with blood. I'll be cheering for the mighty Trojans, as I have all season."

"At the same time," her husband, Joe, added, "it's going to be hard to see anybody lose. We're going to have joy and misery either way."

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