High School Football

High school football scrimmage, jamboree schedules

It’s here everyone, it’s here. High school football has returned.

Prep pigskin practices start Friday across the Palmetto State, ranging from those kicking off the season at 12:01 a.m., like Clover, to those getting a more leisurely start to the day, like Lewisville, South Pointe and Northwestern, who all start at or around 4 p.m. Indian Land will have its first practice at 8 p.m. on Friday night, before hitting it again Saturday morning at 5 a.m.

Spare a thought for those poor Great Falls Red Devils players, coaches and fans who will have to wait until Monday, Aug. 4 to get their 2014 campaign underway.

Teams must practice in just helmets on the first two days, but can add shoulder pads the third and fourth days. By Day Five, the teams are allowed to suit up in full gear and practice full-contact for up to three hours.

Aug. 7 is the first day football teams can scrimmage, but most won’t until a day later, Aug. 8. Scrimmage highlights are numerous: both Rock Hill and South Pointe will head to Byrnes on different nights to practice with the Rebels, while Northwestern will welcome Butler High School across the border on Aug. 12 for a worthwhile workout with the perennial North Carolina state title contenders.

Clover will return to coach Chad Smith’s former area, scrimmaging at Broome, Chapman and Pickens, while fans interested in spying three local teams closer to home should head to Indian Land on Aug. 12 when the Warriors host Great Falls and Fort Mill.

While there is plenty of scrimmage action, jamborees are conspicuously noticeable in their absence. The Chester County Jamboree is the only one being held by any of the 12 schools in the Herald’s coverage area. That event will take place on Aug. 15, kicking off with Great Falls and Alleghany (N.C.) at 6 p.m., Lewisville and Garinger (N.C.) at 7 p.m., Lancaster and Rock Hill at 8 and Chester and Olympic (N.C.) at 9.

York will host Spartanburg on Aug 16 in the Bank of York scrimmage at 7 p.m.

Rock Hill

Aug. 8 at Byrnes, 6 p.m.

Aug. 12 vs. Hunter Huss, 6 p.m. (at Rock Hill HS)

Aug. 14 9th grade at Gaffney Jamboree (time TBA)

Aug. 15 at Chester Jamboree vs. Lancaster, 8 p.m.

Aug. 21 9th and JV vs. Blythewood, 5:30, 7 p.m. at District Three Stadium


Aug. 9 vs. Chester, 9 a.m. (at District Three Stadium)

Aug. 12 vs. Butler, 6 p.m. (at District Three)

Aug. 14 vs. Spartanburg, 6 p.m. (at District Three)

Aug. 15 at Union, 6 p.m.

South Pointe

Aug. 9 at Nation Ford (with Fairfield Central), 9 a.m.

Aug. 12 at Byrnes, 5 p.m.

Aug. 15 vs. Providence, 6 p.m.

Nation Ford

Aug. 9 vs. South Pointe (with Fairfield Central), 9 a.m.

Aug. 12 at Blythewood (with Fairfield Central, Bluffton, Blythewood, West Florence and Cane Bay), 10 a.m.

Fort Mill

Aug. 8 Charlotte Country Day, 6 p.m.

Aug. 12 at Indian Land (with Great Falls), 6 p.m.

Aug. 15 Weddington, 6 p.m.


Aug. 9 at Laurens, 10 a.m.

Aug. 12 at Ridge View, 10 a.m.

Aug. 16 vs. Spartanburg in Bank of York Scrimmage, 7 p.m.


Aug. 8 at Broome, 9 a.m.

Aug. 11 at Chapman, 9 a.m.

Aug. 15 at Pickens, 8 p.m.


Aug. 12 at Ardrey Kell, 6 p.m.

Aug. 15 vs. Rock Hill at Chester County Jamboree, 8 p.m.

Aug. 22 vs. Buford and Indian Land at Lancaster County Classic, starts at 6 p.m.


Aug. 9 vs. Northwestern, 9 a.m. (at District Three Stadium)

Aug. 12 at Dutch Fork, 6 p.m.

Aug. 15 vs. Olympic at Chester County Jamboree, 9 p.m.

Indian Land

Aug. 8 at CA Johnson, 6 p.m.

Aug. 12 vs. Fort Mill, Great Falls, 6 p.m.

Aug. 14 vs. Airport, 6 p.m.

Aug. 22 Founders Kick off Scrimmage, 6 p.m. at Lancaster


Aug. 8 at Mid-Carolina, 10 a.m.

Aug. 12 vs. Andrew Jackson, 5:30 p.m.

Aug. 15 vs. Garinger at Chester County Jamboree, 7 p.m.

Great Falls

Aug. 12 at Indian Land (with Fort Mill), 6 p.m.

Agu. 15 vs. Alleghany (N.C.) at Chester County Jamboree, 6 p.m.