Carolina Panthers



Since first-rounder Jon Beason's still not here, making him non-news, it's probably time to mention the first fight of camp.

RB DeShaun Foster was floored by LB Adam Seward during a live running period Sunday afternoon, which led to a brief scuffle. Foster got up, turned and took a swipe at Seward, then they fell into a scrum, with Foster later kicking at him as they were being separated.

The weather's warming up, and so are the tempers, but there's no question camp's a little more physical so far.


Even without Beason, the front seven of the Panthers defense is scary fast. Julius Peppers has drag-racer reaction time to go with his obvious physical gifts, and young Stanley McClover's doing a little something each practice that shows his potential. Dan Morgan and Thomas Davis can fly, and the new, sleeker Kris Jenkins is again showing his quickness off the ball (though his eagerness is going to cause some penalties).

Na'il Diggs is no slouch, but when Beason gets here, they can put a real track team on the field.


Aside from the near-clothesline of Foster, Seward's showing signs he gets it. He was lost a year ago when thrust into the lineup for Morgan, but he doesn't look out of place when he subs for Morgan during the contact portions of practice now.


We all know that the safety position's going to be a focus this year, and the shake-down RB DeAngelo Williams gave SS Nate Salley didn't do anything to change that. Salley was fairly helpless after Williams juked him and kept running down the sidelines.

And when rookie FS Quinton Teal (wearing jersey 28) let an easy pick bounce off his chest, he stirred memories of the ham-handed Colin Branch, the last guy to wear that number.


"Every receiver wants to catch the ball. But at the same time, I'm not going to look at Kellen Winslow and ask for 80 catches a year. I'm going to do what I need to do to get the job done here, have success here and win ball games." -- TE Jeff King, when asked if he was excited about the expanded role for his position, since coordinator Jeff Davidson leaned on Winslow last year in Cleveland.


The Panthers will get back to a full day of work, going twice at 9:10 a.m. and 6:40 p.m.