Carolina Panthers

Kris Jenkins speaks

Here's some of Carolina Panthers defensive tackle Kris Jenkins' post-game remarks.

He spoke for nearly five minutes straight without being asked a question, and wouldn't take any, at which point team public relations employees shielded him from attempts at follow-ups:

"All right, I'm going to be honest.

"I think the players owe the fans an apology. I would be as upset as they are if I had to sit in the stands for four quarters and look at that garbage. I'm going to be honest with you, it was what it was, garbage."

"This is our issue with the team. As a team collectively, we have no heart, we have no energy, we have no pride. ...

"And I apologize that sometimes I don't look the part to what people want me to be, I'm not the weight that everybody wants me to be, but when I step on that field, what you are going to see is pride and heart. Because I value this game, I love it, and that is what's frustrating me. We don't have that."

"We went out there, and I feel embarrassed. I walked out the little line or whatever you come through to come play. And basically in a certain way I challenged their team. And I challenged my team. Because when you step out there like that and you do something like that, you better back it up, and we didn't.

"We got broke off. We really got broke off. And I'm embarrassed to say such. Right now, my heart hurts. It really does. It's hard to sit here week in and week out and go through this. This is what's not being addressed. ..."