Carolina Panthers



Nobody got into a fight, or suspended, or seriously hurt. And with their DTs slowing getting back onto the field, the Panthers approached normal for the first time in several days.

They're still working without defensive leaders Jon Beason and Chris Harris, but for the time being, it's not a huge concern.


WR Muhsin Muhammad might not be able to carry a team long-term in Steve Smith's absence like he did in 2004, but he can still make a play.

Muhammad punctuated the starter's portion of two-minute practice (actually it was 1:10), by leaping high in the air and snatching a ball away from S Terrence Holt for what would have been a game-winning touchdown.


You want to spread the sunshine around, but sometimes DE Julius Peppers just does things you can't believe.

During a three-snap stretch in practice, he stuffed Muhammad for what would have been at least a 10-yard loss on an attempted reverse, then after a play, came back with one even more impressive. He bull-rushed LT Jordan Gross back into QB Jake Delhomme for what would have been a sack, but when the play continued, he faded back, and went high in the air to bat down Delhomme's pass one-handed, before coming to the sidelines laughing.

We keep saying it, but he's having an incredible camp, and looks again like the capable-of-anything guy he's been before.


He's been in and out with injuries, but RB LaBrandon Toefield hasn't really done anything to distinguish himself here. During live running drills, he had the ball stripped away from him by DE Charles Johnson, making coach John Fox say his name for perhaps the first time all camp.

It wasn't the kind of mention he was hoping for, either.


I swore at the beginning of camp I wouldn't mention the weather. Let's just say it was Spartanburgian on Tuesday afternoon, which had most players waiting until the last minute to head out to practice.

The lone exceptions were TE Jeff King and QBs Matt Moore and Brett Basanez, who were out there stretching and "getting warm," a good 30 minutes before the session was supposed to start.



According to special teams coach Danny Crossman, the number of kickoffs last year which were handled by members of the wedge and not the returners. That's why he was working with the big fellas (like the always dangerous Geoff Hangartner) before he turned his attention to the guys who can actually run.

The level of detail these guys go into during practice is sometimes stunning, as they're installing things for every possible scenario during camp.


Maybe he heard about the power running game they hope to do this year, or just got bored. Either way, retired Panthers RB Stephen Davis was in camp for a quick visit Tuesday. He caught up with some coaches and teammates (though that number's dwindling), and then made a brief appearance at practice.

The emphasis was on brief. After about 10 minutes, his wife and her friends made it clear they didn't have much interest in hanging around, so he was gone.


"Hopefully, we never have to see any of them in a game unless we're blowing somebody out. ... But it's good to have that depth." Gross, when asked about backup QBs Moore and Basanez.

After last year's ridiculousness at the position, it's no wonder they're gun-shy about even talking about it.


The Panthers will practice twice today, at 9:10 a.m. and 3:10 p.m. The afternoon practice is scheduled for Snyder Field, the Wofford soccer stadium.