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Moss Justice Center offices in York SC had bedbugs. Are they gone for good?

The bedbugs found in in offices at the Moss Justice Center in York earlier this week are gone, officials said.

Treatment to rid affected areas in offices that belong to the 16th Circuit Solicitor’s Office and Public Defender’s Office was successful and no bugs were found after an inspection, said Betty Miller, deputy solicitor.

Inspections were also made at the homes of employees who worked in affected areas and those homes were found to be clear of the insects, Miller said.

No public areas in the courthouse that handles criminal trials were found to have bed bugs. The insects were found only in the two offices Monday, said Angie Smarr, York County deputy clerk of court.

Court went on through the week and the public was not in any affected areas, Smarr said.

An exterminator treated the areas with heat, Smarr said. The building was inspected by dogs that are trained to detect the bugs and late Friday it was found clear of the insects, officials said.

It remains unclear how the bedbugs were introduced into the offices. The insects can travel on clothing, luggage or other materials.

The building houses judges chambers, a clerk of court office, as well as the York County Sheriff’s office and county detention center. No bugs were found in those offices or courtrooms, Smarr said.

“We believe the problem has been handled and the bugs are gone for good,” Smarr said.

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