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Squirrel developed strange attraction to cop, crawled up his leg, video shows

Squirrels are unpredictable buggers, but one defied even the craziest of rodent expectations Tuesday by refusing to let go of a police officer’s leg in Syracuse, New York.

The police department posted video of the moment Tuesday, showing the squirrel scrawling up the befuddled but laughing officer’s leg. At one point, it tumbles off and begins to sit on his shoe.

“Get it off,” the unidentified officer says at one point, still laughing.

Amused onlookers poke fun of the situation in the 30-second video, including one who dares the officer, identified only as Chad, to “just put him in your car and see how long he hangs out with you.”

Syracuse police officials also saw the humor and posted: “Cute, but we had to charge the squirrel with harassment.”

Officials didn’t say how the encounter ended.

The video has been viewed 45,000 times in the past day, and gotten more than 1,000 reactions and comments.

It’s the latest in a series of odd squirrel encounters recently posted on social media, including one out of Virginia that showed an animal control team forced to sit in their vehicle and wait for an eating squirrel to get out of the middle of the road.

That video was posted April 10 by Virginia Wildlife Management and Control, and has been viewed more than 2,000 times.

“Wow, can you believe that! Such a defiant little bugger!” the agency posted with the video.

The road standoff ended only after one of the team members got out of the vehicle to force the squirrel out of traffic. Only then did the rodent scurry off.

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