Lancaster, York counties to share cost to study Dave Lyle extension

Lancaster and York counties will share the $150,000 study on extending Dave Lyle Boulevard to U.S. 521.

Lancaster County narrowly approved putting up their half of the bill at a Monday meeting.

Two of the three Lancaster Council members who objected, Wayne Kersey and Jack Estridge, said instead of considering the Dave Lyle extension project, the counties should focus on improvements to S.C. 5, the current route from Lancaster County to Rock Hill.

York County's council committed $75,000 in March for two universities and a private firm to address environmental, developmental and financial issues of expanding the road.

York County Manager Jim Baker said the next step will be telling the State Infrastructure Bank they might need money for the extension to hold their spot in line for funds. Both counties have said they can't afford the $120 million extension and York County already is struggling to finance road projects voted on a decade ago.

Extending Dave Lyle Boulevard would cut through a wooded area of York County near the Catawba Indian Reservation, and some worry it could lure strip malls, housing developments and industry. The area has been targeted for a major housing development, causing some to question motivation for the extension, conceived in the 1980s.

The study, due back this fall, would provide the counties with facts regarding these issues, which have been contested in York County.