Carowinds’ new Fury 325 coaster finished, set to open in March

The last section of track for Fury 325, which will be the world’s tallest and fastest giga roller coaster, easily slipped into place Friday at Carowinds amusement park.

While the track is complete, it will be a while before the coaster is tested using dummies to take the plunges, twists and turns on more than 6,000 feet of track.

Yes, water-filled dummies – not thrill-seekers – will be the first to test the Carowinds coaster.

The final section of track was about 30 feet long and weighed more than 13,000 pounds. A crane lifted the teal-colored track into place, and Daniel Doster of Lando put the final bolts into place. Each bolt was “torqued” with 590 pounds per foot. By comparison, auto engine parts are typically torqued from 3 to 16 pounds per foot during assembly.

Weather permitting, Carowinds officials hope to have Fury 325 ready for a debut on March 28.

Mosley Erecting Company of Richburg assembled the 192 track sections.