A major gas line break has emergency crews scramble to Tega Cay. But for how long?

Tega Cay reports a major natural gas leak

Crews are out fixing a natural gas line leak in Tega Cay SC.
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Crews are out fixing a natural gas line leak in Tega Cay SC.

Crews continue work to repair a major gas line break in Tega Cay, though the incident shouldn’t impact public safety, officials say.

“The area is safe,” said Glen Boatwright, director of regulatory compliance for York County Natural Gas. “The emergency responders have done a phenomenal job.”

Wednesday morning, the City of Tega Cay sent out message to residents and posted on the city’s website that a “major gas line break” at Tega Cay and Windjammer drives already had YCNG crews on site. The message urged extreme caution as repairs would “take most of the day.” It also mentioned travel delays.

By noon, police and firefighters still were out directing traffic at the intersection just below the ninth tee box. Cars and golf carts were rerouted as the two lanes heading out of Tega Cay were closed from the Glennon Center to Silver Gull Drive, traffic flowing both ways on the two typically inbound lanes. The smell of natural gas was pungent, as crews worked with large digging machines on both sides of Tega Cay Drive.

Boatwright said just before 2 p.m. that he would soon speak with crews on site to determine how long a fix might take. He wasn’t urging any changes for customers.

“We have gas flow,” he said. “Gas flow has not been interrupted. And we’re doing our level best to make sure we don’t lose any customers.”

The culprit was a leaking valve in the area. A report of it prompted dispatch of gas crews. They began work to create a parallel, bypass pipeline while they fixed the valve.

“It was at a location where we need to bypass that valve to keep going and keep gas flowing to customers,” Boatwright said.

As of early afternoon, traffic continued to move smoothly in the area. It wasn’t anticipated the work would be done by Wednesday afternoon rush hour. The city notice asked residents to avoid the area if possible.

With temperatures recently rising after a string of chillingly cold days, Boatwright said he doesn’t believe weather was the reason for the leaking valve. An investigation will follow, but the initial concerns are safety and keeping the gas on for customers.

“We don’t anticipate that it’s weather-related,” Boatwright said. “Right now our focus is on getting it fixed.”

After speaking with his crews mid-afternoon, he said work would continue “into the early evening.”

“We haven’t lost any customers and we anticipate that will continue to be the case,” Boatwright said. “Traffic is flowing. We’ve got our crews out there working.”

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