SC lawmakers ‘sickened’ by York Co. police shootings, call it ‘attack on our society’

Kevin Brackett, 16th Circuit Solicitor’s Office
Kevin Brackett, 16th Circuit Solicitor’s Office

Lawmakers in York County and state representatives are “sickened and devastated” by the shootings of four law enforcement officers, calling it an “attack on our society.”

Four York County police officers were shot in a gunfight during an overnight domestic violence call that came in Monday and turned into a manhunt outside York, and one was “critically wounded,” police said.

Former York County Sheriff Bruce Bryant, now a S.C. House of Representatives member, said he “is sickened and devastated that four law enforcement officers were shot while trying to protect the public.”

Bryant was sheriff from 1997 through the end of 2016, and supervised three of the wounded officers.

“This is a terrible and unacceptable situation for law enforcement and for the people of York County,” Bryant said.

S.C. Rep. Tommy Pope, a former police officer and former top prosecutor for York County, said the shooting of law enforcement officers will not be tolerated.

“The shooting of four brave, courageous officers is an attack on them and their families, but it is also an attack on our society,” Pope said.

Sixteenth Circuit Solicitor Kevin Brackett, the top prosecutor for York County, said his immediate concern is for the officers and their families.

“These officers were wounded, and our concern is their condition, and that their families are being taken care of,” he said.

The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating, said Trent Faris, spokesperson for the sheriff’s office.

“Our main concern is for our guys in the hospital right now,” Faris said. “We could really use your prayers, and we could really use your thoughts right now for those officers.”

York County Councilman Michael Johnson, acting chairman of the council, praised the courage of officers who risked their lives to protect the public.

“Last night when the rest of York County was asleep, these brave officers ran toward the danger and were fired on,” Johnson said. “We all owe them a debt of gratitude for their valor and pray for their recovery.”

Officers from surrounding areas went to the scene and to hospitals in both Charlotte and Rock Hill to assist and support the injured officers, including chiefs of police from Rock Hill, Tega Cay and York.

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