Her dog needed a walk, but Rock Hill woman said it was cold. Here’s what she did.

A Rock Hill woman decided to not to brave the cold when her dog needed to go on a walk just before 9 a.m. Thursday.

But police don’t recommend her solution.

The Rock Hill woman, who lives on Marrett Boulevard Extension, decided to tie her dog to the back of her SUV – pulling it around the block by its leash, according to a Rock Hill police report.

“It’s never a great idea to pull your dog by their leash, while the leash is attached to the back of your car,” the Rock Hill Police Department said in a Facebook post Thursday night.

“No, it is not OK to walk your dog, using your car, so you can stay warm inside your car while doing it,” the police department said.

A witness called police Thursday morning, after he said he saw a red SUV pulling a dog by the leash on Amber Lane in Rock Hill.

The witness told police he tried to stop the car, because the dog looked “overly tired” and appeared like it was about to collapse, the report says.

The witness said the car didn’t stop, but he was able to point out the vehicle to police.

The woman, identified by police as Maria Maltos, admitted to pulling her dog with her car, the report says.

She said the dog “likes to run, and usually runs with cars,” the report says.

The woman told police she thought it would be OK to pull the dog by the car, since it was cold outside and she wanted to stay warm, the report says.

The dog didn’t have any apparent injuries, but the officer notified Animal Control, the report says.

Maltos was cited for dog abuse, the report says.

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