Man found diamond ring in Rock Hill. He did the 'right' thing


A ring police believe to have five diamonds on it that was found in Rock Hill Friday was not taken home. It was not pawned.

The man who found it turned the ring in to police. The man didn’t tell police his name.

Friday afternoon the man went to the Rock Hill Police Department and told an officer he found the ring in a parking lot on Cinema Drive outside the Manchester Cinemas movie theaters. The man stated he found the ring and went directly to the police to turn it in.

The ring is described by police as a 14k marquise cut diamond.

Rock Hill Police Department Spokesman Capt. Mark Bollinger said someone finding such potentially expensive jewelry, then turning it in, is rare.

“The action he took was the right one and is to be commended,” Bollinger said.

Anyone with information about the ring can call Bollinger at 803-329-7200.