Pickup spotted dragging dog down Rock Hill street

Drivers were shocked Wednesday morning when they spotted a dog on a leash being dragged behind a pickup truck on a Rock Hill road.

Rock Hill police received multiple reports about the dog around 11:30 a.m. when the animal was seen being dragged through the area of Charlotte Avenue and North Avenue. A witness stopped at the intersection told police she saw a white pit bull being dragged behind the passenger side of a silver truck.

When she and several other drivers honked and flashed their lights at the vehicle, it stopped. A man and woman emerged from the truck, placed the dog into the truck bed, “poured water over its feet,” and then drove off, according to the police report.

Another witness reported seeing the truck and hearing the dog yelping in pain about a block away from the intersection, near Marydale Lane and Hermitage Road. A homeowner also turned over home security footage to police showing the dog being dragged down the road.

Using the license plate number provided by witnesses, police and York County deputies tracked the pickup to a Catawba address. The dog’s owner told police he was driving with the dog tied in the truck bed, and stopped when he heard people yelling and noticed the dog was no longer in the truck bed. He immediately rushed the dog to a veterinarian.

Police confirmed the dog was alive and being treated for dragging injuries by the vet, who told officers that when the pit bull was dropped off the woman was “crying and shaking uncontrollably,” and the man “had a hard time filling out the paperwork he was so distraught.”

The incident report attributes the dog’s injuries to a “freak accident” and closed the case without charges being filed.

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