Bomb threats in York County mirror threats across region, nation, officials say


Authorities were investigating three separate bomb threats across York County Thursday afternoon.

One threat was at the York County public works complex in York, behind the Moss Justice Center courthouse, officials said. Two other threats were in Fort Mill on Market Street in Baxter Village and Spring Hill Farm Road, said Trent Faris, sheriff’s office spokesperson.

Police did not release the specific threat targets in the Fort Mill area.

All three threats were cleared by the York County Sheriff’s Office at about 3:20 p.m., authorities said.

The sheriff’s office sent out alert updates to the public via email and social media as the threats were investigated.

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson urged the public to be vigilant, know their surroundings and call 911 if any suspicious activity is seen.

Police around the country responded to bomb threats that have been made to businesses, media outlets, banks and libraries according to Twitter and social media reports, though many are hoaxes, police say.

“We knew early on that the threats appeared to be a coordinated effort to disrupt the normal business and government functions in places across the country,” Tolson said.

Emailed threats were sent out to several places, Tolson said.

“We will take each and every threat seriously and investigate every one,” he said.

Kevin Brackett, 16th Circuit solicitor whose office and employees are in the Moss Justice Center, said if York County law enforcement officers make arrests concerning these threats or any others, his office will make sure those responsible are held accountable.

“These threats are extremely unfortunate and can disrupt the operation of government that serves the public in York County,” Brackett said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department also investigated multiple unsubstantiated bomb threats reported during the afternoon, according to a statement from that department.

There are similar reports happening in other cities across the country at this time, the police statement said.

In the York, the threat was made to buildings next to the county prison that is operated by public works. The Moss Justice Center complex of two buildings that house the criminal courts and sheriff’s office sit next to the site.

Public Works Road, which provides access from S.C. 5 to the buildings in York County, was blocked for a time to traffic as city of York fire department and other emergency officials were on the scene.

The incident did not force evacuation or closure of the courthouse or county jail.

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