‘Many heroes’: York sheriff to show video story of night 4 officers shot, 1 fatally

One year after the death of one of their own, the York County Sheriff’s Office will release a three-part documentary about the night Det. Mike Doty and three other law enforcement officers were shot at a domestic violence call.

More than 85 people worked at the crime scene the night of Jan. 15, 2018, sheriff’s office spokesperson Trent Faris said.

“We had a whole bunch of people who were really affected and traumatized by it,” Faris said.

Over three days, starting Jan. 15, those people will share their memories of that night in filmed interviews. Each video will be an hour long, Faris said.

“It was a story that had been waiting to be told for an entire year now,” Faris said. “And there’s a lot of people that still don’t know what went on that night. What better way to have people tell the story than have the people who were there, who lived it.”

York County Sheriff Kevin Tolson said the department decided to handle the interviews in-office after Faris suggested the documentary.

“Some of those guys that were there involved, they just aren’t comfortable talking outside law enforcement,” Tolson said. “And there’s a lot of story to be told from that night.”

Viewers also will hear the voice of Det. Mike Doty, who was fatally shot that night, Faris said.

“A lot of work that Mike Doty himself did to lay out the groundwork to save a lot of people that night,” Faris said. “He was the one on the radio with EMS, getting them there in time.”

The video series will start from the beginning.

“Every call starts with a 911 call, or most every call, starts with 911,” Faris said. “We start with the initial call and go from there all the way until the hospital. And then the third part, we focus mainly on the memory of Mike and what Mike means to everyone — or meant to everyone.”

Faris said there are many details from the night that York County residents may not have heard about, including the story of a K-9 officer who was treated for hypothermia after guarding the crime scene and waiting for back-up after Sgt. Randy Clinton was shot and injured.

York County Sheriff’s Office K-9 Sgt. Buddy Brown and York Police Department Sgt. Kyle Cummings also were shot and injured.

“It’s a step-by-step healing process, and hopefully this will patch up any last wounds,” he said.

Faris said he, and likely most members of the sheriff’s office, haven’t gone a day since the shooting without thinking or talking about it.

The first video will be linked on the York County Sheriff’s Office Facebook page and Youtube the morning of Jan. 15.

“That week is going to be pretty emotional for a lot of people down here,” he said. “Hopefully, Mike would be proud.”

Tolson said he hopes the series shows the type of people who work with the sheriff’s office and other departments.

“People are curious about that still, some of the details of it, and I think that’s just human curiosity,” Tolson said.

Tolson said: “But beyond that, I hope people see the kind of people that work with the citizens of York County. And I hope that it can highlight just the relationships that we have with each other, the relationships that we have with the community – the many heroes.”

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