Rock Hill man says he saw a UFO near his home. He’s not alone.

Rock Hill man says he saw a UFO. Here’s his video

A Rock Hill, South Carolina, man says he saw a UFO, with video showing it. Richard Heath said he saw a rotating sphere with lights in the sky in Rock Hill and Chester.
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A Rock Hill, South Carolina, man says he saw a UFO, with video showing it. Richard Heath said he saw a rotating sphere with lights in the sky in Rock Hill and Chester.

A Rock Hill man says he saw a UFO in December, but he’s just talking about it now.

“I would’ve said something before but I said ‘OK, they’re going to think I’m crazy,’” Richard Heath said.

Heath decided to admit to what he saw after he read an article in The Herald about a South Carolina woman who believes she witnessed something unexplainable — a red flying sphere in the sky near Kiawah Island, south of Charleston.

That’s not what Heath said he saw Dec. 16, 2018, but he’s glad there are other people talking about UFOs. Heath posted the video of what he saw on YouTube and immediately called his mom.

On Tuesday, he brought the video to The Herald.

He said he saw the flying object — a rotating silver orb with two lights on one side, and one on another — near his home, flying above the AMC Classic Rock Hill 7 movie theater on Cherry and Anderson roads. He said the object was just feet above the movie theater roof, but later flew higher in the sky.

Heath said he followed the object down Interstate 77 to Chester, where he lost sight of it over the treeline. He said it was difficult to get the object on video. His phone wouldn’t pick it up on camera, so he had to use a digital camera.

“My hands were shaking so bad,” he said. “Because I saw it up close. I was freaked out.”

Heath and the Kiawah Island woman aren’t alone. The National UFO Reporting Center database shows 76 reports of UFO sightings in South Carolina from 2018.

The UFO database lists 1,797 reports from South Carolina total, going back to 1939 and as recent as a report from Tega Cay on March 11, of three unidentifiable orange lights in the sky near Lake Wylie.

Some of the reports are pretty out there. One person in Lancaster reported seeing something that looked like a “jiggly ball of bright white vibrating jello” in the sky on Dec. 21, 2017.

Other reports have scientific explanations. The National UFO Reporting Center notes a report from North Myrtle Beach on July 15, 2018, of a “single fireball shape hovering high over the water” may have been a Mars sighting.

The organization said two reports from June 29, 2015m, one from Rock Hill and one from Chester, of space debris and a “fireball with a long tail,” respectively, were sightings of satellite debris re-entering the atmosphere. The American Meteor Society said the organization was sent 150 reports from Georgia and the Carolinas of “a bright fiery object” that day in 2015, which they also said was likely satellite debris.

Other South Carolinians have even reported seeing an orb with rotating lights, like Heath.

One person reported seeing three orange orbs that rotated in Myrtle Beach on May 15, 2017. Someone in Fort Mill reported seeing three objects rotating vertically and horizontally in the sky Oct. 18, 2014, according to the UFO Reporting Center database.

Dwayne Brown, head of NASA’s science communications office in Washington, D.C., said it’s common to see meteorites or objects re-entering the atmosphere. But he said the office hasn’t seen any recent reports.

NASA experts have not evaluated Heath’s video yet, but Brown said he would take a look.

UFO usually refers to supposed alien technology in common use, but UFO technically just means any “unidentified flying object.”

Heath said he’s never seen anything like the orb, which at one point seemed to change color and shape and do flips. He said he believes it was either extraterrestrial tech or a top secret government project.

Heath didn’t always believe in the unexplainable.

“I felt like anything was possible, but I was skeptical,” he said.

But now?

“To be honest with you, I think it had to be a UFO,” he said.

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