A York County road is torn up. Here’s why and what’s being done to fix it.

File photo
File photo

A torn up Fort Mill road could have repairs done, weather permitting, by the end of the week.

Holbrook Road has considerable damage as truckloads of dirt are being moved from nearby construction sites. Part of the road is damaged almost to the yellow center line.

Patrick Tobin, who lives in a subdivision off Holbrook, said there are major safety and environmental problems as the road deteriorates.

“Something has to give,” Tobin said. “Someone is going to die. There are many buses that travel down this road and they are competing with dump trucks, sun up to sun down.”

On his Facebook page, York County Council Chairman Michael Johnson said he received many phone calls about the road and visited the site. He and Councilwoman Christi Cox, who represents the area, are working on the issue. County leaders have been in contact with South Carolina Department of Transportation officials for several weeks.

Dirt from a Fort Mill school district construction site nearby is being hauled from that site. Those trucks, Johnson posted, are “causing the majority of the damage at this point.”

Johnson said Holbrook is a state road, but he and others are working with the landowner to “attempt to reduce the destruction of the road.” Johnson also said repairs should come soon.

“Our hands are somewhat tied by the fact that the trucks are legally using the road,” the post reads. “We will continue to work with SCDOT and weather permitting, we hope to get repairs done this week.”

Several people thanked Johnson for the ongoing work, while some commented about larger areas where roads need repair or other roads elsewhere in bad shape.

“There is going to be a very bad accident soon because drivers are swerving all over to try to avoid all the crumbling road areas with cars coming at them the opposite way,” Meshell Kelly commented on the post.

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